Tuesday, 13 June 2017

June Birchbox Review

So it's that time of the month again where I get 5 new beauty treats and I review them for you. Before we talk about the products can we just take a minute to look at how blooming cute this BirchBag is?! We had the option to choose which colour we had so I chose mint. This will make a super cool wash bag if I go away!

So I was a little bit sceptical about using this product, it is basically a pink eyeliner and the fact that it is waterproof had me worrying it wouldn't blend or smudge. I used this to highlight under my brow bone and it blended out beautifully and looked fab. I also used it on my lower waterline but was worried it was literally going to look like I'd lined my eyes with pink paint, not a brightening eyeliner. Before I smudged it out that is exactly what it did but once it had been blended and smudged it did exactly what it should have done, made me look awake! I would highly recommend this product.

I am not impressed with this product one bit, my Mom absolutely loved hers but I really did not get on with it. For a start, it is way too dark. I have super light blonde hair and brows and am really fair so an almost brown brow pencil is no good for me but this is the lightest shade they do. It drew on nicely but I when I combed through my brows with a spoolie it made no difference at all so they looked so unnatural and heavy. I don't draw my brows on, just fill them in so I think this may be why. I'll be sticking to my Rimmel Brow This Way though.

This body scrub is what dreams are made of. Hands down the best one I have ever used. It does exactly what it is meant to and more. This one has coconut shell in it and lots of other good stuff and it smells so strongly of mango. It is a little messy in the shower but nothing that can't be washed away. It is the softest I've ever felt and best I've ever smelt after using a body scrub. This is a product I will 100% be repurchasing and you all need it in your lives. 

So I usually use the Avon Micellar Water and the Soap&Glory Peaches and Clean, which I absolutely love. But this is just as good and being a mini it means I can put it in my travel washbag when I go away rather than lugging huge bottles of cleanser about. This is a cleanser, toner and eye make-up remover and it does a pretty good job of doing those 3 things. I found with this as well it didn't smear my eye makeup around my face as much as my other two do. It is £15 for a 200ml bottle so is a little pricey but I think definitely worth it.

I really wasn't too sure what to think of this when I first got it. I thought it did smell a bit cow pat-y, obviously, there is no cow poo in this product. There are just a lot of smells, it has shea and cocoa butter and then lavender, grapefruit and cinnamon scents so it is like a scent party up your nose. Once you are used to it and you can separate the smells it is lush! A few months ago before I started work I would have been like ugh really another hand cream but now I'm like yup I want them all, I need hydrated hands and this product definitely does the job and also doesn't leave your hands sticky or oily which I have been finding with a lot of creams!

So there is my June BirchBag review, a bit of a mixed one this month. I am so excited for July's box as we are getting a Benefit product! Thanks for reading and SO much love as always! 



  1. I have that hand cream and I really like it. I had a subscription once but I cancelled it coz I was always disappointed and I never felt like it was worth my money. xx corinne

    1. I've only had 3 boxes so far and they've all been good, hopefully it doesn't get rubbish or I'll definitely be cancelling! I am so excited for the benefit product next month xx

  2. I've never tried a birchbox these products look so good! I'm always sceptical about a coloured eyeliner but this one sounds just like the sort I would like.


    1. I was exactly the same with the eyeliner but it's honestly so good! I used it on carnival day had only had about 4 hours sleep so it helped make the lazy eye look more awake, haha!xx


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