Saturday, 2 December 2017

Blogmas Day 2 - Have Yourself A Very Beanies Christmas

So you may remember back in my Autumn Essentials post I featured a coffee brand that I was seriously loving. Beanies have delivered again with their Christmas flavours. I have been trying them for the past month or so and needed to let you all know my thoughts. The packaging is so cute and they also do the most amazing stash boxes which would make the best gift for coffee lovers!

This flavour is insanely good, rum and butterscotch flavouring with hints of nut make it perfect for a latte. Since my autumn essentials, I have found my milk frother so make Winter Warmer lattes frequently. This flavour is my favourite to snuggle up on the sofa watching X Factor with a big mug of it.

Beanies describe this as the 'perfect Christmas treat' and I honestly couldn't agree more. It tastes exactly like a glass of mulled wine which is my go-to treat over Christmas. It just screams Christmas with the orange zest and spice flavours. It really is the perfect alternative for anyone who doesn't drink alcohol but wants to get in on the festivities! 

My favourite of the 3. I love Christmas pudding so to find a coffee that tastes exactly like an actual pudding without the calories of it is literally a godsend. This flavour is probably the most Christmassy because it is fruity and spicy and you get the taste of brandy, making it another really good alternative for people who don't drink alcohol.  

These 3 flavours come in the sweetest little box and its only £10 so would make the most perfect present. I would be so happy to see this under my Christmas Tree. 

Let me know in the comments if you have ever tried Beanies and if you haven't if this post has made you want to!

Only 23 sleeps to go!



  1. Ugh I wish I loved coffee enough to try these! But this is such a great gift idea! I'll definitely be picking this up for the coffee lovers in my life!

    1. Honestly you can hardly taste the coffee! You’ll have to pop down and have a mug!❤️

  2. These sound delicious! My mum loves coffee so i'll have to pick these up for her to try!

    Love, Melissa x


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