Wednesday, 25 April 2018

It's Been A While...

I'm not entirely sure where to start... So let's start with, Hey, how are you all?! Did you have the best Christmas and New Year, Valentines Day and Easter?! It's been that blooming long, 4 months to be precise, that I need to ask about all of those holidays! 

Let's jump back to December 2017 where we last spoke. I failed, epically, at Blogmas, I managed 11 days and then so much stuff took over. My mental health took a turn for the worst, as it always does around my birthday and Christmas, I get so overwhelmed with excitement that it sends my anxiety into an absolute frenzy. Add to that the stress of Panto, which was very quickly approaching and I still didn't know my lines back to front, I was a wreck so I make the executive decision that blogging and Blogmas needed to take a backseat while I sorted myself out. 

Then the 23rd December rolled around and I met Corey. Now I'm not going to lie to you all, my blog has been abandoned and part of why is because I have been seriously loved up. I'm not going to speak too much about him because I want to save that for a video I've got ideas for. Just know he's bloody lush and means the absolute world to me and you'll be seeing a lot more of him very soon.

Christmas was so lovely. Mom, Corey and I went to midnight mass Christmas Eve and he left at about 2:30 in the morning. My brother and his now fiance stopped Christmas Eve so we woke up and everyone was here and we all opened our presents together, Ivy included which was magical. There is just something so special about baby's first Christmas, even when they don't understand it. New Year's Eve rocked up, Corey and I spent the day at a country house and park and then came home and got ready to party, where I fell out of the front door and did some serious soft tissue damage to my foot, leading to me spending New Year's Day at a&e and leaving with crutches and a sick note for two weeks off work, what a lush way to start the year! Then it was time for panto, which I had to do in a pair of slippers (they matched my costume perfectly luckily) because there was no way I could have performed in character shoes with the way my foot still was. It went absolutely fabulous though, my first lead role and I smashed it! 

If we fast forward a whole lot of days out, date nights, time spent with friends and family, tonnes of work and opportunities, birthdays, holidays and no blog motivation that brings us to now. These past 4 months I have tried to drum up every ounce of motivation I could find to start my blog back up but truth be told, I just couldn't! I had well and truly lost my blogging mojo. I've been a bit scared if I am honest, it's like starting out all over again and I think that has really held me back, not wanting to start from scratch. I think I've overcome that now, I'm finding my love for it again. I think, dare I say it, that I am back and raring to go! I am definitely going to be putting out more videos as I love filming and editing and I might even have a dabble with a few vlogs so there is lots coming! I'm not going to be sticking to a schedule or a set day, I want to be putting up a post/video once a week but I'm not putting pressure on myself. 

That's all for now my loves, but I've got tonnes more to update you on and I am so happy to be back! My next planned post is an exciting one so keep your eyes peeled on my social media, there all linked at the top.

So much love as always!


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