Friday, 17 August 2018

My Perfect Tranquillity

Everyone needs a break, a mental mind refresh. For some people its a week or two somewhere hot, on a beach, sipping cocktails all day. For me my tranquil place is up in the Welsh Mountains. My parents go to Wales at least once a year as my Aunty has a cottage down there and as a child I would go all the time. As I got older I stopped going on holiday with my parents and would look after the house. This year I've been twice and honestly I could not be happier to have been back in my favourite place, its like falling in love with somewhere all over again. 
So I've recently got back from my perfect place and I just thought I would share some photos and maybe a few thoughts I had whilst I was there. 

Hmmmm Aunty JJ where are you taking me?!

This year when my parents planned their summer trip to Wales I decided sod it, I am coming with you and I'm going to bring Ivy with me. Having so many fond memories of going to Wales with my grandparents is probably the biggest reason I wanted to take her because some of my favourite memories are those little trips that I took with them. So we hopped on the train and made the 3&1/2 hour journey to Wales. I'm so glad we did it because the photos and stories we have to show and tell in years to come are just lush.

I truly don't think there is anything better than sitting on the beach, paddling in the sea and building sand castles with an almost 1 year old that loves eating sand!

Especially with amazing views like this, I will never tire of it. Who needs Spain or Greece when you've can travel a few hours down the road and have this?!?!

Even when its rainy and gloomy its just gorgeous. It's not a holiday to Wales without a little bit of rain. I think the biggest thing I took from this holiday was how important it is to stop a minute and take a break. I know I 100% came back feel refreshed and raring to go. My head was clear. After having a crappy few months, this holiday was the start of amazing things to come.

This is the mountain that I am determined to climb, I've climbed it before but as a kid so as an adult I really want to do it. I think it will be a huge accomplishment so that's on my goals list for next summer in Wales. 

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen this photo because it is hands down my favourite photo from the whole holiday. The sheer joy on both of our faces is just amazing. Props to my little sister for capturing this little gem. It's definitely one that's going to be framed. 

That's it for my holiday photos and ramblings. I'm sure there will be more photos over on my Instagram so be sure to give me a follow - JessBatchelor95

So much love as always!


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