Monday, 22 February 2016

Gone Girl book and film review

Today I've decided I'm going to do something a little bit different to what's normally on here, I'm going to review the book and film 'Gone Girl'. I absolutely love reading but since I've moved to uni I have just abandoned reading and I was really starting to miss being able to relax with a book so I went charity shop hunting for books as this is such a good place to buy them especially if you're not sure you're going to like them as its only a few pounds max that you're going to spend. 

I saw 'Gone Girl', written by Gillian Flynn published in 2012, in Age UK for 99p and loved the sound of it, it was completely up my street. I brought it while I was working at home over Christmas break so didn't start reading it straight away as I was so busy, so I started it on the train back to uni. At first I wasn't completely hooked and it didn't have the 'can't put it down effect' on me and this is nice sometimes as I was able to just read a chapter here and there and still want to pick it up again but didn't need to sit up all night to read all of it. The only time I felt like I desperately needed to finish was when my mom came to stop with me and she wanted to take it back home to read it so I had like 3 days to finish half the book, which considering I had been reading 2 or 3 chapters a night was a squeeze but I did it, the book really did start to hook me though so it was no bother. 

I honestly loved the book so much and would 100% recommend it to anyone, as I said above my mom is now reading it and then I'm going to pick it up when I go back home so my flatmates can read it. I love how its written in diary entries by both the main characters Nick and Amy, and then in 3 big chapters, I think this way just makes it a lot easier for me to read as its not narrated by a third person so you can read it as the character and put yourself in their shoes easier. I also love how twisted and weird it is, it starts out as this romantic love story and then changes to some psychopathic thriller. I don't think there is anything I could criticise about the book, it was genuinely one of the best books I have ever read!

The night that I finished the book my flatmates and I watched the film on Now TV. I generally don't have high expectations for films that have been adapted from books, I think they can be really disappointing and miss loads of huge plot lines out but the first line of this film is the first line of the book and I knew from that point forward it was going to be fab! The film followed the same pattern as the book, Nick(Ben Affleck) and Amy(Rosamund Pike) narrate their 'diary entries' and it flips between each character telling their story. It follows the book so closely you would honestly say they scripted it word for word from the book and this is what made me love it so much. There were only a few small bits that weren't the same and it was understandable why as if they were the movie would have been 4 hours long! I had imagined the characters very differently when reading the book but I think I preferred the characters portrayal in the film. It is just as gruesome and gory as the book, if not more because you're actually seeing it not just imagining it. All of my flatmates said they wanted to read the book after watching the film. Again, I couldn't criticise the films so props to David Fincher for pleasing someone who is usually very displeased with movie adaptations of novels. 

This is a book and film that I would highly recommend anyone reading and watching and it really doesn't matter what order you do it either because they are so similar. Normally I would always say read the book first as its usually better but its not like that with Gone Girl, the book has things that are better than the film and the film has things that are better than the book so it balances it out perfectly. 

I hope you've liked reading this and that you now go watch and read Gone Girl. I am seeing Lucy Spraggan this week so I may do a concert review, although I know its going to be amazing!! 

Jess x 

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