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Lucy Spraggan concert review

So a little while back I said I was going to see Lucy Spraggan and might do a concert review, now it's been a little while since I saw her but I've decided to write it tonight while sat listening to 'Top Room At The Zoo' eating caramel digestives. I saw her on the 23rd February at the Cambridge Junction. I went with my flatmate Laura as she is really into the whole 'gigging scene' and we had never been to the Junction before so we wanted to check it out as a venue, it's literally a stone throw from where we live and want to use it as an opportunity to find new local music. 

We got there and the security were lovely and didn't even check our bags, which I loved as this is something that really makes me anxious as I could have any private girly things in there which I don't really want a male bouncer handling, we got in and got in the queue for the bar and got a drink and then went to check out Lucy's support band. 

Before I get onto the actual concert and Lucy and her support band I feel like its sorta important to explain why I love this woman so much. So years ago I came across Lucy Spraggan on the youtube channel 'ont' sofa' I loved what I heard on there and found her album 'Top Room At The Zoo' online and listed to this and loved it. I then sort of lost touch with her music and didn't really hear of her again until the X-Factor 2012 where she performed 'Last Night' at her first audition and she got through to the shows but left due to illness. Again, I lost touch with her music again until on day at work my boss was like OMGGGG I've heard this amazing lyricist and music artist you need to listen to her, and it turned out to be Lucy Spraggan and I've loved her and listened to her music every day since(Someone is my alarm tone,haha) I've seen her live 3 times and will jump at the chance to see her in the future because she is so fab! 

Back to the concert, we are watching The Dunwells and no one really knows their music, its all acoustic as its an acoustic tour, and then they perform King by Years and Years and the crowd were going crazy and everyone loved it! So not only were we seeing my favourite artist ever but we had found another fab band, this being the reason we wanted to go to more concerts. Check them out They finish their set and everyones getting mega excited for Lucy. Lucky me and Laura were stood next to this drunk couple who were arguing every 10 seconds, and the guy stunk like pepperami, this was driving us insane so we moved away but they seemed to follow us. Throughout the whole of Lucy's set they were screaming and shouting completely inappropriate and when one guy asked them to pipe down they both got really aggressive so this was a bit of a downer but we didn't let it ruin our night. 

The Dunwells 23-02-2016

Lucy comes on stage with her guitar and a man playing the piano and kicks her set off with Coming Down which I immediately love as its one of my favourite songs off the album We Are. Throughout her set she made me laugh, cry and sing my heart of like I never have before but this is always the case whenever I see her. She has a song that every person can relate to in some way. I think even Laura who has never really heard of her was crying at one point, that was probably because I was sobbing my heart out! She puts on such an amazing show it gives the audience such good vibes, I think some concerts you go to and the crowd is quite bored and not enjoying it but she got the crowd going so much even though it was just an acoustic tour. She's also such a down to earth person and involves the crowd so much, just casually having a chat in the middle of her set about what kind of biscuit she likes or her partner Georgina and how they are getting married in the summer, you just feel so involved and like her friend not just someone who's come to watch her. It's like a big Spraggan family. After the show she always comes out so you can meet her and have photos etc which I think is amazing as so many people don't do this anymore and can be quite dickish towards fans and at the end of the day without them they wouldn't be where they are now. 

Lucy Spraggan 23-02-2016

So overall Lucy Spraggan once again put on the most amazing show and I'm not just saying it because I love her and she is my favourite artist but because she genuinely did and always does. I don't generally see bands or artists more than once because if I've seen them before that is all that matters but Lucy and Jessie J are the only people that I will continually go and see. I highly recommend going to see her if you haven't because there is genuinely a song out there that anyone would love and if you've seen her before go again! She is everything that is right with the music industry!! 

I hope you enjoyed this and hope that you go check Lucy Spraggan and The Dunwells out because they are both amazing! I'm going to put a picture below of Lucy and myself, you'll have to excuse the messy make up, I cried a bloody lot, and the height difference which looks so much more on the photo than it actually is (I'm only 5''6 haha)

Jess x

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