Sunday, 13 March 2016

When will we act and start saving our world?!

The other day I was sat scrolling through Facebook and came across a post on one of my hometowns forum pages, a newspaper article stating that the town are petitioning for more burial/cemetery space. This is obviously such a controversial topic and the people on the post are all talking and debating about it, but one person really stood out to me with what they were saying, about their right to be buried. 

This to me is absolutely absurd, does anyone actually have a right to be buried especially when there are so many options out there that are much more sustainable. I personally myself want to be turned into a biodegradable urn which will then grow into a tree, I think its a much nicer idea for my family to be able to see the tree grow and obviously its a contribution to the environment. I believe as a human living in this world I have contributed enough negatively so by doing this I'm sort of giving back to the earth, without sounding all eco warrior haha!

So, later on that day I sat down with my flat mates and we had a huge discussion about this. At first they were a bit on the fence about the whole topic and its not the nicest conversation for a Saturday morning but we managed to come to a mutual agreement about it all. I explained how I didn't believe anyone has the right to be buried in a cemetery for numerous reasons, two of those being: the fact that to do so you have to dig up and ruin so much agricultural land which is also the home of other species, how is this fair? Then the fact that whenever I visit the cemetery I see so many abandoned grave stones where flowers have been left to rot or they aren't being looked after and maintained and that sorta breaks my heart a bit. The thought that someone has been buried so their families can visit and put flowers down etc and then they are left after so many years because the reality is in 100 years your families aren't going to know who you are. This then led me on to the topic of  biodegradable urns. Basically what happens is you're cremated put into a biodegradable urn with a tree seed and then planted, and in 100's of years to come you're going to be a blooming, beautiful tree! Not only does this seem like a much nicer option for families but anyone can enjoy your tree and it helps the environment out. My flatmates had never heard about this and when I told them they were amazed and thought it was such a fab idea so we came to the agreement that this is the way forward! 

As humans during our lives we have such a negative impact on our world, that is just the way it is, but to then create even more negativity when we are dead seems so awful. As a 20 year old it scares me how much I have seen the world change in the short time I have been on this planet and it scares me even more how much its going to change in the next however many years I am alive and not just while I am alive, if things keep going the way they are I can't even imagine how awful things are going to be for my great grandchildren! We are the only people who can save this world and better it for not just ourselves but for generations to come. We need to act NOW and change the way we think and our attitude towards our planet, we need to love and respect it because at the end of the day its a living thing too and that is what it deserves. I'm not saying go full out eco warrior but just little things like recycling, which has become a massive part of our flat since Christmas as we now have a recycling bin and recycle anything that can be recycled haha, or just telling someone about biodegradable urns or other sustainable options so that they are educated and aware of them as so many people aren't! Small things like that make such a big difference and if everyone just took small steps in a more eco-friendly direction we could turn our world around for the better. I'm in no way saying people being buried should be banned or not allowed as for some people it is the only option but for a lot of people its just a case of not knowing about other options.

I've really been questioning on whether I should post this or not as it can be very controversial but I have because it is my opinion on the matter and if this post gets seen by just 10 people and those 10 people each make little changes in their lifestyles and them 10 people tell 10 of their friends about small changes they can make and they tell their friends etc, then it could really have a big impact and kick start those small steps we need to take. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed hearing some of my views on how we can help save our amazing planet! And maybe today think about what you can do just around the house to make the world a better place.

Who wouldn't want to save this?!

Jess x


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