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My April favourites

So seeing as its the beginning of May I thought I'd do a little blog post on all the things I was loving last month! I'll include links to everything so if you wish to purchase it yourself you can.

So the first thing I've been loving is the Benefit They're Real! tinted mascara primer. I use this every time I wear make up under Soap & Glory's Thick and Fast mascara or Avon's Winged Out mascara, these are my faves! I also wear it on days that I don't want to wear make up but I want my eyes to look awake and it does that perfectly! It makes your eyelashes look phenomenal, I have long curly eyelashes anyway with just mascara but I have to use a few coats where if I use the primer I use a coat of it and then a coat of mascara and it looks amazing, I've had so many comments on how fab my eyelashes look since using it! It also lasts for ages, I had a sample of it back in November and that lasted so long! 

Benefit They're Real! Tinter Mascara Primer

The next thing I've been loving is Real Techniques - Duo Fiber collection. For Christmas a few years ago my parents bought me the Real Techniques Sam's Picks brush set and I absolutely loved it, used all the brushes daily etc but how I do my make up has changed a lot over the past few years so the brushes that I need have changed. For example, I do little bits of contour here and there now and had just been using the contour brush that came with the set but I could't find it the other day so used my friends Real Techniques contour brush and absolutely loved it. This then led to me scouting the internet for the brush she had and I was looking at paying about £10 for one brush and then I came across the duo fiber brushes on Amazon for £13 instead of £24 so I thought for the extra £2 I might as well get two extra brushes. They came the next day and holyyyy guacamole I think I sat for a good 20 minutes just stroking them on my hand they are that freakin' soft! I then tried them out and again was amazed. I've found with other brushes they sort of pick up too much make up and you end up having to blow loads off of you're going to end up with thick brown contour marks down your face but these don't at all because they're so light and fluffy you are able to build your make up properly with them. Definitely buy them if you like Real Techniques brushes! 

Real Techniques - Duo Fiber Collection

The next thing on my favourites is the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush fragrance mist. I bought two bottles of this off a friend as they didn't like it and I love the sugar crush range from Soap & Glory so I'd have got more use of it than them. I use this every day as perfume and it makes me smell lovelyyy! Its sweet and a bit citrusy at the same time, what more can I say about a perfume?

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush fragrance mist

Next up is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I got this in the anti-ageing formula because I'm 20 now and need to keep those wrinkles at bay. It is probably my favourite favourite, its amazing! It does exactly what it is meant to, make your eyeshadow look freakin' fabulous. I forgot to use this one day and I could definitely tell the difference, by the end of the day it had creased and you could hardly see it where when I use it I can put it on in the morning and its still perfect at the end of a night out and it makes the colour look so much more vibrant and pigmented which is an issue I can suffer with as I don't use high end eyeshadow palettes, most of mine are Avon or Revolution so sometimes they aren't as long lasting or high pigmented but they do the job and with the primer underneath you wouldn't believe they were cheap palettes because it looks so good.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion - Anti-Ageing

The next thing is again from Soap & Glory and its the Instant sunkissed tint body lotion. This time of year is really awkward where some days the sun is shining and others its just chucking it down. The past few days have been lush here but before that its been pretty grotty and in April I had a few parties to go to where I wanted to wear a dress but it was too hot to be wearing tights. Now I have very white legs that don't tan that easily especially when there is no sun at all so fake tan is a god send in situations like that but I could never find one that I really got on with and didn't leave me streaky, until this came along! Its one of those fake tans that gives you such a natural looking tan that nobody would every question it being real or not, and because its a tinted body lotion it makes your skin feel so soft as well. The only problem with it is its wash off so if you wash your hands and splash your arms you're going to have little white spots but that works for me because I don't use it every day only when I'm going out. It's also really quite cheap for a tanning lotion, some of the ones I've bought in the past have been like almost £20 and this is £8 and Boots do loads of offers on it as well!
Soap & Glory Sunkissed tint body lotion

 My next favourite is another wrinkle defender, its the Avon Anew Clinical Pro line corrector hydrating cream. This is my go to wrinkle cream and has been for years, I bloody love it. I've always looked after my skin and have used wrinkle cream since I was about 15, I have a very expressive face so wrinkles are inevitable but I will keep them away for as long as possible! This cream is also a hydrating cream so makes your skin feel so soft and smooth which is a massive bonus as I get very dry skin on my t-zone! This is definitely worth trying if you are looking for a light and easy to use wrinkle cream!

Avon Anew Clinical Pro line corrector hydrating cream

My last favourite is not beauty related at all it is my trusty GorillaPod stand. So I love taking timelapses of the clouds and the sky and all things pretty but hated leaving my phone propped up against my window so I bought a tripod off Amazon and the next day it broke, so I returned it and payed the extra couple of quid for the Gorilla tripod because I knew how good they were and the reviews are amazing, honestly its one of the best things I have bought it makes taking timelapses easier, photos easier, videos easier, its just fab and really not that expensive if its something you're interested in. The smartphone holder also screws off so you could attach a camera if you wanted to. 

GorillaPod smartphone stand

I hope you enjoyed reading what my favourite products of April were. I will list and link all the products underneath this so you can go over and purchase any that interest you. 

My April Favourites

Benefit They're Real! tinted mascara primer:
Real Techniques - Duo fiber collection:
Soap & Glory sugar crush fragrance mist:
Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion:
Soap & Glory sunkissed tint body lotion:
Order Avon anew line correcting hydration cream directly through my Avon Store: 
GorillaPod stand:

Thanks for reading, 

Jess x 


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