Saturday, 23 July 2016

Why I love my job!

Sometimes its so easy to get caught up in the negativity of things and not look at the positives, especially when it comes to your job or education. I know some days all I do is moan about my job and the past week or so its all I've done. This week hasn't been the best week at work, things haven't gone to plan and one lady even made me cry with how rude she was to me! So I thought I would write about why I love my job so when I'm having a shitty week I can look back on this and remember why! 

I'll start with what my job entails and what I do day to day with it. I'm an Independant Avon Sales Leader, this basically means I have a team of representatives that I train and look after. I also have an Avon round of my own where I show the brochure to customers and deliver the products they order. I started doing Avon as a rep so that I could earn myself a bit of pocket money and could also get my own stuff out of the book for free(my commission would cover my own products) then while I was on summer break from sixth form I decided I wanted to build my own team so became a sales leader, this means I recruit people into my team to do Avon themselves. I'm not going to get into figures or my earnings as I want to keep that private but if you do want any information on becoming a representative or sales leader drop me a message on twitter or instagram(I'll leave all my links at the end).

I love my job because of the flexibility of it, because I am self employed I can literally work when I want to, there are no strict hours you have to stick to! From the reps side of things obviously you have to take your books out every campaign and deliver your customers orders but from the team building side you can go out recruiting when you want to. Obviously I moved to uni September of last year and I was able to hardly work but still get paid, I was able to enjoy my fresher year and not have to worry about finding a part time job. This year I hope to be out working a lot more as I'm in a much better place with recruiting than I was before. 

I get to see some of the most beautiful places while out working, I love landscapes and the outdoors, pretty flowers, the sun peeping through the trees, ducks in ponds, etc so getting to see them most days is amazing! Now this is pretty self explanatory so I'm just going to insert some photos and let you see for yourselves. 


Another reason I love my job is the amazing opportunities that come out of it. Working with Avon there is always a fabulous incentive running, our current one for new reps being if you sell over £160 of Avon products for 4 consecutive campaigns you will get £350 of free products including a handbag designed by Tabitha Webb(she has designed for the likes of Pippa Middleton and the Duchess of Cambridge). I've also had the opportunity to go to Avon headquarters and see how all of the products are boxed and sent to reps and I was able to pack a reps box ready to be sent off to them! There are also so many Avon events organised for reps and sales leaders, my mom who is also a sales leader has seen Olly Murs and Alesha Dixon through Avon! 

The main reason I love my job is because of how it has helped me cope with and overcome my anxiety. Suffering with social anxiety isn't easy at all and I still have days where I struggle with it, especially like last week when one lady was so rude and insulting towards me and my job that I cried, but having this job where I have to be social has definitely made coping with my anxiety so much better. You meet so many lovely sweet people that it really makes you think 'why am I so scared to speak to these people when they are so nice' you always get people who are going to be dicks and it can give the anxiety a bashing but like the area manager I was working with that day told me 'at least you aren't like that' and that is 100% true and I am so grateful that I don't feel the need to be a dick to other people when they're simply doing their job and I am a decent humble person! When I first doing Avon my anxiety was pretty bad but it has got so much better over the years and I really do believe that is because I have such a social job! 

There is my reasons why I love my job, it can be crap at times and it has it lows points but the positive definitely outweighs the negatives! If you would like the opportunity to work it your way and build your own business contact me on Twitter: JessBatchelor95 or   Instagram: jess-monroe (you need to be a UK resident over the age of 18). 

Thanks for reading lovlies and I'll speak to you soon!

Jess x


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