Monday, 15 August 2016

Asking you all for a HUGE favour!

Tonights post is a little different from normal... I'm here to ask a massive favour!

I'm lucky to be related to an amazingly talented man called Chris Tye, for friends and family reading this you know who I'm talking about as you'll have been introduced to him through me or be related yourselves. For those of you who don't know Chris is my cousin and has been making music for as long as I can remember, now I may be biased but he is freakin' amazing, I may be biased but I will leave links below so you can check him out yourself! Chris has released 3 albums and numerous E.Ps and is currently in the process of producing his 4th 'Stronger in Numbers'. Now this where I need to ask you a favour, producing a high quality album costs a lot of money so Chris has set up a music pledge page, he has 25 days left to his his target and is 18% away from it! What I want to ask is if you could take a look at the page and make a pledge for as little as £8 and you get a download of the album (there are other things you can pledge for but this is the cheapest). This would literally mean the absolute world to me and Chris, I will leave the pledge page below.

Spotify: Chris Tye
My favourite song:
Pledge Page:

Thanks for reading guys and thanks for your constant support! Big loves!

Jess x 

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