Wednesday, 31 August 2016

What's in my handbag!

First of all I want to say thank you to everyone who took their time to check out Chris' music pledge page, if you would like to view it and pledge I will leave the link here: 

I thought I would give you a little look at what I carry around in my handbag every day. Obviously when I'm at work there is a lot more work stuff in there or if I am going out I have more make up but you get the gist. 
So the handbag I use is the Lipsy London structured handbag, its black fake leather, with a wine coloured faux fur on the front and sides and then gold detailing on the zip, straps, front pocket and brand tag. Its not a massive bag but I really needed a smaller over the shoulder bag so this was perfect and it fits everything I need, its like Mary Poppins bag, so thats a bonus. Its also one of my favourite colours, I have shoes, bags and clothes in this colour, I love it! 

Purse - The first thing I make sure is in my bag is my purse, which is the Fiorelli Lily purse. I got this because I have the bag too but it has so many card slots, I can never get a purse that has enough so this one worked fab. Its also called the Lily bag and purse and this was my Great Nans name who passed a few years back so I like to think it was fate telling me I should get it! Its a beautiful coral colour ( the same colour as my suitcase so it all matches, its the little things!) at the front and then the rest is navy blue. 

Glasses case and glasses - The next thing is my Ted Baker Shadow Flora glasses case which usually has my glasses and sunglasses in it. This folds down flat so takes up no room in my bag if there is nothing in it.

Notebook and pens - To go with my glasses case is my Ted Baker Shadow Flora notebook. This is the cutest little plain A6 notebook so is perfect for any notes I need to make at work and it has a little pen that comes with it too. I also have some extra pens in there as well.

Work recruiting cards - On the topic of work, I've always got recruiting cards for work in my bag, you never know when I will see someone who may be interested in doing Avon so they are always handy to have. I keep these in a clear Avon brochure bag so they aren't getting mangled in with my other stuff. 

Beauty Essentials - I don't really keep many beauty products in my bag as they can take up so much room. So I only have the essentials. First essential is my mini tangle teezer, its small so doesn't take up loads of space and it has a cover so its not getting dirty, lets face it, the bottoms of handbags aren't the cleanest, I've always got scraps of paper or wrappers and I don't really want that in my hairbrush.

The next essential I keep in my bag is a nail file and some tweezers, you never know when you're going to need them! 

The last essential I have is my lipsticks, lip glosses and other random bits like that! I keep a Mac lipstick in New York Apple, a Soap and Glory sexy mother pucker lipgloss in Rose and Shine, Zoella's sweet mint lip balm, a Primark pomegranate lip balm and a spare hair tie in the small pocket of my bag. 

Headphones - I always keep my Apple headphones in my bag incase I'm going out somewhere alone or I need to take phone calls while I'm out. 

Camera - I've recently purchased the Fujifilm Instax mini 8 and this now takes residence in my handbag in case I'm in a moment I want to capture and keep special as a polaroid, sometimes photos on your phone aren't enough!

Along with all this stuff I keep things like polos or chewing gums, receipts and tissues but I don't think you need to see a screwed up receipt or polo wrapper! My phone is also in there as well but I was taking the photos with it so couldn't take one of it! 
Thanks for reading my ramblings about what I keep in my handbag! Hope you enjoyed it!

Jess x 


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