Saturday, 1 October 2016

Rainy day outfit!

Today we've had the most disgusting weather in Cambridge, its been wet and dreary and just before we went to take these photos we had a flash hail storm and a few claps of thunder! To make myself feel a bit better about the shitty weather I decided I was going to put my face and a pretty dress on.

Sat at the table with my photography student best friend and house mate we came to the conclusion that the lighting was too good outside to miss the photo opportunity even if it was wet. So umbrellas in hand we had a mini photo shoot in our garden. Our neighbours must have thought we were crazy with Laura stood under an umbrella held by Joe while I'm posing under our tree in the rain and we're laughing at my dodgey eyebrow. To get this make up look keep and eye out on here as there will be another post up soon on how I achieved it.

My dress is from H&M a few years back so you can't get it anymore. 
My shoes are from Fat Face they don't have them in the Navy colour anymore but they have the classic green colour if you search 'Wellies' on the Fat Face website.
My tights are from good old primark.
My mac and umbrella are from Avon but you can't get them in the book anymore. 

Huge thanks to Laura for taking these photos for me, they're fab! Laura will also be starting her own photography blog soon so I will leave the link to that once its all set up! Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! 

Jess x


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