Friday, 23 December 2016

Brother vs Sister - Blogmas Day 23

Christmas is about spending time with your family and loved ones, there is nothing I love more than coming home for Christmas and spending it with my younger brother and sister! Blogmas Day 23 was the only one that I hadn't written yet and I really wasn't feeling the idea that I had! So I thought what better way to celebrate family Christmas than to put my brother and sister head to head and see who knows me best, haha!

What is my favourite colour?
Nigel's answer - Blue da ba de da ba die 
Kaiya's answer - Purple 
Correct answer - Purple

What is my favourite film?
Nigel's answer - The Nightmare before Christmas
Kaiya's answer - Brother Bear 
Correct answer - My Girl

What time was I born?
Nigel's answer - 5:25am
Kaiya's answer - 4:37am
Correct answer - 4:19am

What is my favourite musical?
Nigel's answer - Wicked
Kaiya's answer - Wicked 
Correct answer - Wicked 

What was my room number in my flat?
Nigel's answer - Room 3
Kaiya's answer - Room 4
Correct answer - Room 3

What holiday was it when the spider crawled on my face?
Nigel's answer - Christmas Eve
Kaiya's answer - Easter
Correct answer - Easter 

What was the first Christmas song I performed on stage?
Nigel's answer - Amazing grace 
Kaiya's answer - Driving home for Christmas 
Correct answer - Silent Night

How old was I when I had my accident and broke my teeth?
Nigel's answer - 13
Kaiya's answer - 6
Correct answer - 7

What was the name of the teddy Great Nan bought me that I've still got now?
Nigel's answer - Hector
Kaiya's answer - Zippy 
Correct answer - Hector

What is my favourite dinner? 
Nigel's answer - Pizza
Kaiya's answer - Sunday dinner
Correct answer - Sunday dinner 

What is my favourite Disney film?
Nigel's answer - Pocahontas 
Kaiya's answer - Tangled 
Correct answer - Hercules 

Who is my favourite rugby player?
Nigel's answer - Santa
Kaiya's answer - Randy Marshall 
Correct answer - Ross Moriarty 

I think it's safe to say both of my siblings need to pay more attention to me haha! Kaiya did know more although I'm appalled she didn't know which room in the flat I lived in as she stopped on numerous occasions and Nigel never visited! Only 2 sleeps to go!

Jess x


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