Thursday, 22 December 2016

DIY Christmas crackers - Blogmas Day 22

I love doing crafts at Christmas its such a nice way to chill out and have fun! My housemates and I decided as we weren't making Christmas dinner this year that we would make crackers to pull before we open our table presents once we are back from our meal! So we went to The Works and picked up a cracker making kit, they have loads of different ones and they're only £3.

What you get in the kit
The unassembled crackers
Cringey jokes, I laughed awfully hard at them
Paper hats
These don't come with prizes but there is a measurement guide on the back so you can buy them separately and make sure they fit. We didn't get prizes as we are giving table presents after anyway!

Step one
Place your hat and joke (and prize if you decide to use them) in the middle of the cracker.

Step two
Roll the cracker up and put the tabs in the little slits. This is the really fiddly bit I got my hair off with it a lot. Try and get one side fully in before you do the other side!

Step three
Write your labels, don't try and do it once it has been attached it is very hard.

Step four
Tie your ribbon on the top of the cracker, we double knotted ours rather than trying to tie it in a bow as we didn't have the patience for that. Then knot the bottom one once, attach the label and knot it again! 

Thanks for reading how we made our Christmas crackers! Much love as always! Only 3 sleeps to go!

Jess x


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