Thursday, 15 December 2016

Happy 21st Birthday to me - Blogmas Day 15

As today is my 21st Birthday and its also a Thursday I thought I'd give you a collection of throwback Thursday! Have fun looking at lots of baby photos of me!

This is 100% proof my younger brother is related to me, he's the image of me!

Proud big sister!

Obviously I'm super happy about my fairy dress and teletubbies bubbles!

Proud big sister again! I've always have those boots on!

Check me out rocking the matching bright yellow mac and hat!

Just under 2 months old with my Grandad!

I either wore the boots from before on, my 101 Dalmatians wellies or my jelly sandals!

Two days old!
Only 10 sleeps to go!

Jess x



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