Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Mulled Wine recipe - Blogmas Day 20

For me the only thing to drink over the Christmas period is Mulled Wine, I bloody love it! So I thought I'd give you a recipe for how I make perfect and easy mulled wine! 

2 Large oranges
1 bottle of red wine
2 sachets of mulled wine spices
1 bay leaf
Brown sugar and cinnamon are optional but I didn't use them this time!

Large saucepan
Ladle/deep spoon

First I cut one of the large oranges in half and put it in the saucepan.

Then I literally chuck everything else in and turn the heat on! Simple as that haha!

While everything else is cooking I take the other orange and cut it into slices and put them into mugs.

Give the stuff in the pan and good stir until its steaming and serve into your mugs!

Enjoy making your festive mulled wine but please drink responsibly and only if you're over the legal drinking age! Only 5 sleeps to go!

Jess x


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