Saturday, 17 December 2016

My Christmas Lush collection - Blogmas Day 17

I love Lush products all year round but the Christmas products are my absolute favourite. For blogmas day 17 I thought I would show you most of my Christmas Lush products!

Magic Wand Bubble Bar - I haven't used this product yet as its too pretty but it smells like snow fairy and is glittery so its a winner for me!

Cinders Bath Bomb - I've used this numerous times and absolutely love it, it smells just like Christmas!

Magic Of Christmas Fun - I really do love Fun! You can use it to wash your body or your hair. You can use it as a bubble bar. Or you can just make Fun things out of it (See what I did there). As you can see I really haven't used much of this, a little bit goes a long way and it smells absolutely gorgeous!

Peeping Santa Bubble Bar - Again this is one I haven't used yet. I bought it in the sales earlier this year and put it away somewhere safe! 

Dashing Santa Bath Bomb - This is one of the first Lush products I tried and I bloody love it! He's a fruity Christmassy scent and is super cute!

5 Gold Rings Bubble Bars - These were a 2015 exclusive and are lovely but they are stupidly messy! I left one on of the side of my moms bath for my little sister to use and it left a big yellow stain with glitter everywhere. I'll be keeping these ones on a soap dish!

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar - Again, one of the first Lush products I tried. It smells like snow fairy and gives you soooo many bubbles with the smallest amount used, its bloody fabulous!

Stardust Bath Bomb - A new one this year so I haven't tried it yet but it really reminds me of a floral talcum powder. I cannot wait to use it!

Snowie Bubble Bar - I was so excited to buy this, I think it is so sweet that Lush have done a tribute to Bowie! Another one I'm super excited to use!

Northern Lights Bath Bomb - I bought this a few years back when it was a long stick and Lush advised you to split it in half, not me I just whacked it in my bath because I was too excited! I did the same with this re-design! I honestly think its my favourite bath bomb just because it is so visually pleasing!

Snow Fairy Shower Gel - Snow Fairy is my all time favourite Lush scent! I mean who wouldn't want to smell like a giant candy floss marshmallow?! I have every size in this, I buy the big 1 litre bottle to get me through the year! I also have the dusting powder which is beautiful! I need a Snow Fairy perfume!

So there's my Lush Christmas Collection. Hope you enjoyed reading! Only 8 sleeps to go!!

Jess x


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