Tuesday, 6 December 2016

My Christmas traditions - Blogmas Day 6

Everyone has their own little traditions when it comes to Christmas so I thought I'd tell you about mine! 

Family traditions 

Decorating the house - Our decorations normally come out of the loft the first weekend in December and it usually takes about a week to get everything up properly! The tree is the first thing that goes up and my Mom generally takes over there as she is very particular about it, haha! We really go all out with decorations so thats why it takes so long! Last year was the first year that I didn't decorate my moms house and it felt crap!

Christmas Eve - On Christmas Eve we get together with family and have supper. We normally have pork and stuffing batches, mom makes homemade sausage rolls (which are amazing) and we drink mulled wine.  We have done this for as long as I can remember but for how many years I used to work so wouldn't be there. Last year was the first time in about 5 years that I spent Christmas Eve at home! As much as I loved working it was lovely to spend it with my family! 

Stockings - I think this is a really common tradition but I honestly wouldn't enjoy Christmas as much if it didn't happen. We leave our stockings downstairs on Christmas Eve and when we wake up on Christmas morning they are on the end of our bed full of presents, we then go and wake my mom and dad up and then get into their bed and open our stockings. 

Pork Pie breakfast - After some research this is actually a Victorian tradition. For our Christmas morning breakfast we have a slice of Pork Pie. My nan and grandad used to do it with my mom and uncles so its just carried on throughout the generations! 

Housemate traditions

Secret Santa/table presents - To make Christmas and birthdays fair we do Secret Santa, whoever you pick is the person you buy a main Christmas present for and organise their birthday! We did this so not just one person footed the bill for everyones birthday, me last year haha. We also buy everyone a small table present for after Christmas Dinner.

Baking - In our house we absolutely love to bake and cook so Christmas is the perfect excuse to do so, not that we need one! Last year we cooked Christmas dinner and made loads of cakes and cookies, we aren't cooking dinner this year as we are all really busy so we are going out but we have made loads of stuff already. Last week we made Mince Pies and the week before we made sausage rolls, which were bloody fabulous!

Making decorations - Since about mid November we have been thinking of creative ways we can decorate our house! So far we have made cute little googly eye hanging decorations, the cute 3D snowflakes you used to make in school and a pom pom garland.

Let me know if you have any of these Christmas traditions and if you don't tell me what yours are! Only 19 sleeps to go!

Jess x

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