Monday, 5 December 2016

Tips for Christmas present wrapping - Blogmas Day 5

If you're like me and present wrapping is the worst part about Christmas then this post is for you! As much as I love wrapping presents I'm just not very good at it, I'm not terrible but it could be better and I'm a perfectionist! So rather than stressing over how shoddy my wrapping can be I use things to detract from the paper itself! Today I'm going to let you into my present wrapping secrets!

  • Don't use brown craft paper! As lovely as this looks its an absolute bitch to wrap something with! I used it one year and it was an absolute catastrophe. Its so rigid it is impossible to get tight around the present! This year I used wrapping paper that looked like brown paper but actually wasn't.
  • Decorate! If your wrapping skills aren't top notch decorate your presents to take away from the wrapping. I'm talking ribbons, bows, little Christmas decorations. Go all out!
  • Always wrap on a flat hard surface! Trying to wrap on a bed or another soft surface is horrific.
  • Get yourself a 'Scotch' hand tape dispenser! They're super cheap, about £1.50 from Tesco, and they're an absolute life saver! The bits of tape literally poke through the top of the dispenser so there's no faffing about finding the end of the tape or putting slobber all over presents, I mean who actually uses scissors to cut tape?!
  • If its a weird shape stick it in a gift bag, nobodies got time to be messing about wrapping a mug, haha!
  • If all else fails, pour yourself a large glass of wine (only if you're over the legal drinking age) and stop giving a shit about it!

Hopefully these tips make your present wrapping more pleasant, I personally suggest the wine from the start, haha! Only 20 sleeps to go!

Jess x

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