Friday, 16 December 2016

What I got for my birthday - Blogmas Day 16

Some of my favourite videos and blog posts to watch and read are what I got for my birthdays! I love being nosey and seeing what others have got. As it was my 21st birthday yesterday I thought I would show you what I got off my family and friends! 

21 LED light -
 I love quirky lights like this. I have a J the same, they look so cute on my chest of drawers in my room at my moms house!

Copper photo frame - 
Anyone that knows me knows that my love for copper runs deep in my veins! Most of my accessories in my bedroom at uni and my moms house are copper so this fits perfectly!

21 photo frame - 
This plain mirrored black photo frame with a glittery silver 21 on it will go perfectly in my room at my moms house too! I also have an 18th frame very similar to this!

Alpha perfume - 
This is one of my favourite perfumes from Avon, I absolutely love it. I also forgot to bring perfume back with me for Christmas so this worked out brilliantly!

Jelly Belly shower gel - 
Sissy brought me this because she knows how much I love all of the jelly belly bath stuff! It also gives me something to use when my Snow Fairy goes away for special occasions after Christmas!

Twenty first photo album - 
Can you see a running theme of things to do with photos here? I am a huge photo hoarder! If I take a photo and like it I get it printed! Its a good job I use Free Prints!

Anna Saccone Sagittarius necklace - 
This was the only thing I had asked my mom to get me for my birthday but I didn't think she would so when I opened it, I cried! Its the Rose Gold Sagittarius pendant on the longest chain.

Happy Birthday Pandora charm - 
This was off my brother and his girlfriend! I love my pandora bracelet and loving having charms that have meaning, every single one of my charms does! If you'd like to see a post about all of my charms and their meanings let me know!

Pumas with black jewels - 
These were off my housemates and they're absolutely beautiful! I have black and white Puma suedes and they're so comfy! I'm not a trainer girl but I do love Pumas!

I also got a new dressing gown, the simply be sprinkle of glitter polka dot summer dress and a Rapunzel Tsum Tsum! I hope you enjoyed looking at what I got for my birthday, it might even give you some Christmas present inspiration! Only 9 sleeps to go!

Jess x


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