Friday, 9 December 2016

Winter Skincare Essentials - Blogmas Day 9

Winter can be harsh on a lot of things, your skin especially so it is vital you give it what it needs. For blogmas day 9 I thought I would show you how I keep my skin healthy throughout winter! 

I wear make up most days so I need to take it off at the end of the night. I use two different cleansers for this. I use the Avon Micellar Water to remove my make up and then second cleanse with the Soap and Glory cleansing milk. I use cotton pads with both these products.

I then use the Soap and Glory 'Face Soap and Clarity' face wash to make sure I've got rid of all the crap thats collected on my face over the day!

Once a week I do a warming face mask just to give my skin a bit of a boost! 

Daily and nightly I apply an Avon radiance cream, the night one is renewing! 

I then focus on my eyes and apply an anti-ageing cream under my eyes and a serum over my eyes.

Every night I apply petroleum jelly around my nose and to my lips. Putting it on your lips sounds normal but around your nose doesn't, let me explain! I get stupidly dry skin inside and around my nose, I obviously can't put moisturiser in my nose so petroleum jelly works a treat and works really well!

The last essential for your face is a normal moisturiser. I apply the Soap and Glory daily youth moisturiser before I apply my make up!

The face isn't the only place that needs to be looked after. I moisturise my whole body with cocoa butter, I suffer with dry skin in a lot of places and it is so good for helping it!

For my hands and feet I use Zoella's wonderhand and Soap and Glory's Heel Genius. Both are fab, they moisturise brilliantly and smell amazing!

So there's how I keep my skin healthy throughout the winter! Let me know if you liked this and I could do a Summer Skincare Essentials! Thanks for reading! Only 16 days to go!

Jess x

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