Wednesday, 14 December 2016

You aren't owed anything...

A little extra post today, its not something I wanted to write especially in the middle of blogmas but its something that has really been bothering me for quite a long time now!

So a few months ago I went to see a youtuber on tour, after the show Laura and I went to the back of the venue on the off chance that we may meet said youtuber and the things that we witnessed there were absolutely appalling. I had to walk away as I was so disgusted by the things being said and I'm normally really resilient to things like that. Certain people were saying that if the youtuber didn't stop and meet them they would jump on the car or attack the youtuber as they had just paid money to see them so why shouldn't they get to meet them and the worst part is their parents were agreeing! When this youtuber left the venue, with their family as well, they got straight in the car and didn't stop which is completely fair enough, there were probably 30 people crowding round screaming, shoving cameras in others faces and pushing and shoving, it would not have been safe for them to stop! Certain people then proceeded to have the biggest tantrums going because this youtuber hadn't stopped, the things they said were completely vile! Laura and I were stood with another parent who had the same attitude as us that yes it would be lovely to have met the youtuber but if we didn't we weren't too fussed we had just watched a good two hours of them on stage! 

The issue I have here is why do people think they are owed anything from these youtubers. The whole 'without us you would be nothing' is a disgusting attitude to have, they put so much time in to creating content for you to watch and enjoy is that not enough?! Yes you had paid for a ticket to see this youtuber on the stage but no where did it say and this ticket gives you the right to harass them at the back of the venue! In my teenage years I spent loads of time hanging around the back of venues meeting people from bands but it was always done with respect. I still do now, if you go back through my blog posts you will see that I saw and met Lucy Spraggan a few months ago, I wanted her to write out a lyric that I want tattooing but she had to get on the road to get to the next venue, I didn't strop off I understood that she had just played a 2 hour set and needed to get off which is completely fair! 

These people owe us nothing at all, it is not our right to meet them or get them to sign things for us! If they do its amazing and because they want to out of their own good will! They are real people, they deserve privacy, they don't have to explain themselves to every single person who demands they know every little detail about them! There need to be boundaries and people need to realise this, its all about having a little bit of respect and consideration for others! If your friend told you they didn't want to talk about something you would respect their wishes and not give them the Spanish inquisition, why do this for complete strangers? If your friend said they wanted to be alone you wouldn't threaten to attack them if they wouldn't talk to you, why do this for complete strangers? 

I guess the point of this post is to put across how I have witnessed this disrespect for others first hand and how upset it made me to see this. So please if you are in the situation of being able to meet somebody you've seen live or see them in the street please be respectful and put yourselves in their shoes and consider what their wishes may be! 

Thanks for reading. I'm sorry this hasn't been a happy, christmassy post but a Christmas Gift Guide will be up at 6pm! Lets make it our goal to spread as much positivity as possible! Much love as always!! 

Jess x

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