Tuesday, 31 January 2017

My January favourites!

So its the last day of January, erm where the heck has it gone?! I swear it was Christmas 2 minutes ago! I thought it would be very appropriate to show you my favourites on the last day of the month! I've been loving a lot of new beauty products this month so I thought I'd share them with you! 

Nyx - Soft Matte lip cream - Paris 

I bought this in the boxing day sale as I wanted to see what the hype was about with nyx products and I 100% see it now! This is a holy grail lip product! It's so nice to apply, it dries matte, but doesn't dry your lips out like a lot of matte lipsticks do and its so long lasting! I would highly recommend this!

Nyx - Lip liner - Pinky

I got this to go with the lipstick above, I don't really own a lot of lip liners but I've found with a matte cream it really does make the world of difference! I usually use the Avon glimmerstick lip liners or the Mac ones which are both really creamy so I was a little skeptical about using a pencil lip liner but it honestly is fabulous! Again, its so easy to apply and long lasting! Nyx have fully converted me to lip liner and I will definitely be purchasing more of theirs!

Rimmel - Brow this way - Blonde

I've always used an eyebrow pencil or powder to fill my brows but I don't think I would use anything other than this now! It is so easy! Literally run the spoolie over your brows and they're filled in and then I take a clean spoolie once the gel is dry and comb them out a bit to make my brows look a little more natural!

Avon - Supreme length nourishing mascara - black

I am always on the lookout for new mascaras so when this little treasure came into the Avon book I was straight on it! Its enriched with jojoba oil so its really good for your lashes! I've compared it with the L'Oreal fibers mascara and this is 10 times better and this isn't me being biased, I know numerous people who agree with me!

Avon - Blush pearls

I'd had been looking at these in the Avon book for a while but wasn't sure what to think of them so when I got them for Christmas I was chuffed that I would be able to try them without the hassle of returning them if I didn't like them. I definitely will not be returning them, I am obsessed with them! I don't have to use a highlighter on my cheeks as this has highlighting pearls in it, it has so many tones in it that it gives you the most fabulous blush! Get yourself some!

Avon - Kabuki brush

I love my normal Avon kabuki brush but this one is just absolutely beautiful! Its so soft and applies my blush pearls so nicely! An extra bonus is; its got a copper bottom which sold it to me straight away! 

Tanya Burr Cosmetics - Nail Varnish - Mischief Managed

I'm not one who normally reaches for a red nail varnish but this one is amazing! I struggle finding a nail varnish that will stay on my horribly damaged nails, from having acrylic nails, but this does perfectly! As long as I prep my nails right this will last a while! It's a little nod to summer for me!

Zoella Beauty - Ginger cream 

This is from Zoe's Christmas range so I can't link it but if you pop into your local superdrug they may have some about somewhere still! Yes it's the end of January and I'm using a gingerbread scented body lotion, I'm just not completely ready to let go of Christmas and this is absolutely lush! To be honest though, all of Zoe's body lotions are!

The White Moose Cafe snapchat

If you haven't got these on snapchat, do it, now! Paul and Jason are actually hilarious, they fully have me cry laughing at their snaps and everyone needs them in their lives! You won't regret it!

Dermot Kennedy 

I'm a huge music lover and I love finding new music! I found Dermot Kennedy just before Christmas and liked the sound of this song but didn't listen to it properly, just added it to my playlist! A few weeks ago it came on whilst I was listening to said playlist and I was amazed by what I was hearing! Dermot has the most mesmerising voice, its astounding! The few songs that are on Spotify have been on repeat for the past 2 weeks! Check him out! Also, feel free to follow me on Spotify (Jess_monroe) I'm always adding new music to my playlists! 

So there is everything I've been loving in January! Let me know what you've been loving in the comments! Much love as always!


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