Thursday, 19 January 2017

What I would tell 15 year old me...

The fabulous Kt tagged me to do this wonderful post! I really love the idea of 'writing' to my 15 year old self! Being 15 was probably the hardest year I've been through, it was the year I almost lost my battle with my anxiety and depression. I'm tagging my best chum for this one!

Things will get easier, I promise! They might be hard right now, you might want to give up but keep going pet, it WILL be worth it! 

He's lying, he will cheat again and probably run off with one of your best friends! Listen to your momma and get rid! 

Friends that treat you like rubbish aren't friends! It's okay to let them go, sometimes holding on can do more damage than letting go!

Stop putting so much black eyeshadow on your eyelids!!!

Don't stress over those exams and make your anxiety worse, if you don't know it the night before when you're frantically revising you won't know it in the exam! Still work hard though girlie, it will be worth it! You'll end up in Cambridge one day!

Spend more time with the friends that matter, people like Katie are friends for life! You may not speak constantly but she's a low maintenance friend that will always have your back! You'll have some amazing friends come into your life, some rubbish ones too but you get rid of those! 

When you start college next year, look out for the girl in the drop dead merch, you have no idea how much she will mean to you! You'll bicker and have disagreements but she will have your back no matter what! Also, please listen to her more often, she's awfully wise and spots those rubbish friends way before you do! 

Your family may seem like they are nagging at you but it's only because they love you, take what they are saying on board! 

Stop trying to please everyone, put yourself first, if it makes you happy do it! Everyone else can like it or lump it! 

You made the right decision! It will be hard but its the right thing to do! 

YAY! You stopped using so much black eyeshadow!
Keep your head high chuck, it's gonna be a bumpy road but an amazing adventure!



  1. Ah Jess this is so cute 😭 And you mentioned me in a part! I'm so happy and so so proud of you 😭😩😘😘😘

    1. Thanks beaut! Couldn't not mention you😘😘


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