Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Huge Avon Haul!

Before we start I just want to let you all know that my upload time on a Tuesday is probably going to change to 5:30pm as I am out at rehearsals at 6pm so it was becoming a struggle to share my posts on my social media. Anyway lets get onto the good stuff...

I don't massively talk about my job too much because I do like to keep my blog and my job separate but sometimes I do need to shout about how amazing my job is and the amazing opportunities I have with Avon. One of those fabulous opportunities is to visit Avon Head Office. I've been lucky enough to go a few times now and see how everything is ran there, see how my deliveries are packaged and sent out to me and I've even had a go at packing Avon boxes before, which is super fun! My favourite part about going is the staff shop though. Its like an Avon addicts dream come true. Shelf after shelf of my favourite things. I had the pleasure of visiting head office yesterday so I thought I would show you what I picked up! 

Sole Sensations Revival Ballet Loafers

I really do love loafer shoes and I've been looking for a nice pair of brown ones for a little while now so when I saw these in the shop I jumped on them.

Splendid Bloom Handbag

Anyone who knows me knows handbags are definitely my weakness, I have so many but I don't own a white one so this is the perfect addition to my ever growing collection.

Lipsy Structured Purse

I have the bag that matches this, its the one I used in my What's in my bag post and I love it so definitely needed the matching purse.

Make Up Bundle

These all came in a bundle bag so I figured I would just photograph them together. I got 3 lipsticks, a lipgloss, a lipliner, 2 mascaras and an eyeshadow stick. I love these bundle bags as you get such a selection of products some of which I have never used so I can't wait to try them out.

2 x 8gb Memory Cards

You're probably thinking how did you get memory cards from Avon, well at Christmas we sold a mini go pro like camera and they came with a memory card so they had them in the shop. I already have the camera but the memory cards always come in handy for my Canon camera. 

Linen Reed Diffuser

I love candles and reed diffusers and one of my favourite scents is linen or fresh cotton so when I saw this I knew I needed it. I love how pretty reed diffusers look too.

Make Up Bundle

I picked up another bundle bag with some face products in it, this one has my favourite foundation, a finishing powder, a primer and the most beautiful eye shadow palette.  

PJ Bottoms

I am a sucker for pj bottoms, I love them so much and the Avon ones are so soft and nice. There is a Christmassy pair but I will wear them all year round anyway and the ones with the bunnies on are perfect for Spring and Easter.

Lipsy Colour Block Cross Body Bag

Oh, you guessed it. Another handbag, I can't help myself. I love Lipsy bags too much. They are too pretty. This photo does not do it justice, I really was competing with the lighting by this point in the evening.

I also bought 10 bras as I was in desperate need of them, but I didn't think you needed to see my underwear and a set of mugs for my Chumbum who is moving into a new house with her boyfriend in a few weeks. I will leave a link to my Avon Store here so you can have a nosey at our amazing range of products. 

Much love as always beauts!


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