Thursday, 2 March 2017

Lets Talk About: Taking A Break

Ever feel like you're caught up in the same old loop? Like all you do is the same old thing every single day? I know the past few weeks I have felt like this. Like I just need to get away, break my routine a bit. Normally I am such a 'routine' person and I can be quite scared of change but all I want to do at the minute is get on a train somewhere secluded and sit by the sea all day. For this weeks Let's Talk About, Laura and I have gone a little AWOL from our usual thing! We've both been feeling pretty overwhelmed by life so we thought it would be best to put up a little rambly post about what's going on.

So as this post goes live I'll just have finished my social media detox. Basically I've spent the past 48 hours without Facebook and Instagram. I did delete Snapchat too but I had caved within 15 hours. Twitter lasted about 43 hours but then Anna Saccone put on snapchat a suggestive photo of them at the hospital and there was no way I'm missing the baby announcement because I'm on a detox. So twitter is back just so I can keep updated! 

Facebook was definitely my biggest issue, I would spend so much time just scrolling down my news feed, looking at the same stuff over and over. First thing in the morning, I would check it and last thing at night I would be scrolling again. That's become the norm with our generation but it isn't good! Over the past two days there have been points where I've missed checking Facebook but not half as much as I used to if I came off it. I think its filled with so much crap and adverts that when you are scrolling its all you see, yet I still find myself doing it. I'm definitely going to spend way less time on it from now on, just to give my brain a break. I would highly recommend giving yourself a break from social media, you'll begin to see just how reliable you are on it and you'll also realise how much rubbish is on there! 

So I'm going to be that really annoying person that sits here and says about how I've got so many life changing decisions to make right now and not tell you what. I would love to tell you, some of things are so exciting some are scary as hell, but they are all things that aren't set in stone and may not be for a few months! As soon as I know exactly what is going on and whats happening expect lots of posts. I think its safe to say that my head has been a foggy, confused mess over the past few weeks though. I'm the kind of person that if I haven't got my life together I freak out a little bit, so not knowing where things are going is my worst nightmare.

 After speaking to Laura the other day though she really did make me realise that I don't need my shit together, it's completely okay to be 21 and not have achieved everything that I wanted to on my life plan. Its SO okay to be ditching my life plan and making a new one! Spontaneity is definitely something I need to work on and add more of it to my life! I'm a strong believer of everything happens for a reason but I do really need to practise what I preach more. This break from social media really has helped me come to terms with what will happen will happen, as long as I am doing my best and what makes me happy that is all that matters!

Make sure you check out Laura's post about feeling overwhelmed here! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and support the past few weeks. Remember to do what makes YOU happy! Much love as always!


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