Thursday, 23 March 2017

The Disney Tag

I know I put the 15 weird questions tag up on Tuesday but I got tagged by the wonderful Katie over at Katie's Corner in the Disney Tag and I could not turn down the opportunity to write about Disney! So here is a little bonus Thursday post for you to enjoy!

The Rules:

Answer the questions below.

Mention the person that has tagged you and include a link to their blog.

Tag 5 more people to take part.

1. Favourite Character -  Meg, I love how badass and strong she is.

2. Favourite Princess - Rapunzel 

3. Favourite Heroine - Pocahontas, I love her morals and everything she fights for.

4. Favourite Prince - Prince Eric 

5. Favourite Hero - Eugene Fitzherbert

6. Favourite Animal - Pascal

7. Favourite Sidekick - Maximus. Who wouldn't want the most badass horse about as their sidekick?!

8. Favourite Villain - Ursula 

9. Favourite Original Character - Roo or Chip 

10. Favourite Love Song - I See The Light

11. Favourite Song - Part Of Your World, its my go to Disney song to sing! 

12. Favourite Villain Song - Mother Knows Best 

13. Least Favourite Song - Almost There, I can't stand The Princess and the Frog.

14. Favourite Kiss - Rapunzel and Eugene 

15. The First Movie You Saw - Oliver and Company 

16. Favourite Classic - The Rescuers 

17. Song that always gets stuck in your head - Scales and Arpeggios, its a vocal warm up too so its always helpful!

18. Favourite Pixar Film - Brave

19. Least Favourite Pixar Film - Ratatouille

20. Favourite Sequel - Tangled Ever After, it may only be a short film but its amazing.

21. Overrated Movie - Cars 

22. Underrated Movie - Pocahontas 

23. Movie that makes you laugh - Big Hero 6  

24. Movie that makes you cry - Hercules, Tangled and Frozen. I cry at literally everything but these are the ones that really make me sob.

25. Saddest scene from your favourite movie - When Rapunzel thinks Eugene is dead. *sobs*

26. Saddest Death - Its not really a death, but when Anna turns to ice and Elsa is crying over her. 

27. Favourite Quote - 'If you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you'll know things you never knew' 
Photo from Pinterest, original source unknown. 

28. Favourite Theme Park - I haven't been *sobs again*

29. Favourite Theme Attraction - Stop rubbing it in...

30. Favourite Theme Park Show - You're taking the mick now...

I tag - My bestest Chum Laura! Land of Laura 

Much love as always!


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