Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Younique Detoxifying face mask review

So Saturday night I was looking forward to a bit of a pamper with my mom and an essential to any pamper night are face masks! I use so many different face masks, some of my favourites are the £1 ones from primark. I decided to use the Younique detoxifying mask as I had heard so many good things about it, it's been compared to the black peel mask that's doing the rounds. I was a little weary at first as I do have really sensitive skin so I normally stick to what I use, but I wanted this to be something I could use on a regular basis. I'd been told that my skin would be completely fine with the mask as it was all natural and allergy tested! 

So I started applying the mask and it felt horrible, it like bubbles and foam on your face! My exact words were I feel like an aero bubble right now. My mom was like just chill it's meant to do that so I carried on putting it, I applied it to my cheeks first. It's when I applied it to my chin that the big problem started, it burnt and stung like nothing I've ever felt before! I quickly carried on applying to my nose and forehead where it also started to burn and sting! My chin was so painful I had to remove it, as I wiped it off I noticed there was blood on my cotton pad. I'm having a bit of a stress/hormonal breakout on my chin and this face mask had literally took the head off a nearly healed spot! 

At this point I'm almost in tears it's stinging and burning so badly so I'm rushing to take it off and it's just smearing and foaming round my face and is so hard to remove! Once I'd finally got it off, my face was literally bright red, it wasn't like I'd been scrubbing at my face to get the mask off as it would have been too painful, so I instantly knew I'd had an allergic reaction to it. I honestly would sit here and say it's probably the worst allergic reaction I have ever had to a product. The worst part was my skin didn't even feel good or clean afterwards, it just stung and burnt! All I wanted to do after was apply my soap and glory face mask to try and clean my skin but I didn't dare put anymore products on. 

I applied it as I should have, I removed it as I should have. There was nothing anywhere that says not to apply it over spots. So all in all my experience with the Younique detoxifying mask was horrible and I personally would not recommend it to anybody. My little sister has even worse skin than mine so it doesn't bear thinking about how badly she would have reacted! I am writing this late Monday night and my skins is only just back to normal, I've not used anything on it for the past two days because I've not wanted to irritate it. 

This post is in no way me slating Younique's products as I know there's people out there who will see it like that, its just my honest opinion and experience with this one product. I support all MLM companies and will use their products but if I have a bad experience with something, I want my readers to know! I'm the biggest critic of my own products so I'm definitely not biased, haha! I'm hoping to use some more of younique's products and be impressed by them! Thanks for reading, much love as always!


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