Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Why I am so proud of my best friend!

4 and a half years ago I started college, I'd got hardly any friends as I'd fallen out with all of mine before I left school. I was friendly with a few of my boyfriends mates but none of my own really. I walked into my first performing arts lesson and stood opposite me was a girl wearing a drop dead jacket, I knew in that very instant she was going to be my friend. Even if she didn't want to, I was befriending her. I then walked into my first philosophy class and there she was again, this was definitely fate! We were meant to be. She's been my best friend since then and I don't tell her enough just how bloody proud of her I am!

Laura, I'm proud of you because you're a strong, badass woman who is going to do so frickin amazing in your final few weeks at uni. There have been points where you weren't sure it was worth it but you pushed through and now you're a few months away from graduating! 

I'm proud of you because you're moving halfway across the country to start a life with your love. I mean I'm going to miss you like hell but I am so so pleased for you both. I couldn't put two better people together, you pair make my heart happy and constantly remind me that there is hope. 

I'm proud of you because you've got a job doing something you love. You've thrown yourself into it and have really grabbed the opportunity by the balls. Keep striving girlie, you're going places!

I'm proud of you because you are your own person. You're so real and down to earth. You don't try to fit in with everyone else. You are a flamingo in a flock of pigeons and that doesn't bother you, you embrace that.

I'm proud of you because you've put up with me for 5 years. You have always stood by my side when I've needed you, you've always been my voice of reason and you have always been there to knock me on my ass when I've needed it (the Avon purse). We bicker over the stupidest of things, we don't see eye to eye a lot of the time but we understand each other in our own weird way that nobody else ever would. I am forever grateful for you being by my side. 

Chummy, there are so many reasons why I'm so proud of you but these are the main ones. Thank you for standing by me for the past 5 years, who knows what the next 5 will bring! 5 years time we'll be 26, almost 27 how scary!

People say there's a soulmate out there for everyone and I don't really believe there's just one for every person because I know I've found a soulmate in my best friend! My soulchum! 

Much love as always!


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