Tuesday, 2 May 2017

I'm in a blogging rut...

You may have noticed that I have missed the last few Thursday uploads, I've been on it with my Tuesday posts but truth be told, I am in a complete blogging rut. I have really been struggling for probably the past 3 weeks now. With all the negativity in the blogging community and so much personal stuff going on, I've been a bit of a lost cause. I hate feeling like this and missing uploads as this blog really is my release and I love it. I love having somewhere I can tell you my life stories and somewhere I can share my thoughts and feelings. 

The problem here is I have got so much stuff going on that I'm not finding myself wanting to sit down and write these posts, the previous three have been written at 1 am when I've found some motivation and I'm happy with them but I want to be putting some more fun content out. I have some fab ideas for posts but I think for me to be happy with them I need a little time. 

I started work this morning so expect an update on that soon but I'm writing this post on Monday evening so I can't tell you how it went just yet. I want to be putting posts up that you guys love but I also need to love them too so I think going forward, this post is going up on the 2nd May so I'm not going to post on the 9th and the 11th as I should next week and then I will be back on the 16th. That gives me time to get out of this rut, get settled into work and get my head back in the blogging game! 

I really hate not having a new post up for you guys to read but I need to take the pressure off myself in order for me to be producing content I love again. Thank you for your constant support and love!


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