Tuesday, 16 May 2017

May Birchbox Review

I subscribed to Birchbox in April but didn't get my box until the end of the month so I decided when I got my May box I would review it here, it also gives me a fab post to come back with after a few weeks off. 

First of all, can we talk about how beautiful this box is?! Marble, copper and blush pink... Three of my favourite things! This box matches my bedroom perfectly so it's displayed proudly on my bedside table! 

I have used a lot of hair masks in my short 21 years so when I got this in my box I was so excited to try it. I've never massively suffered from dry hair but since starting work and being in freezing cold conditions my hair really has started to dry out so it's been in desperate need of a good hair mask so I used this. Being honest, I'm not amazed. It does what it says on the pack but its nothing special. The full-size product is £10.50 and I personally wouldn't pay that for it. I normally use a mask that's about £3 from the Avon book and that does the same job.

I've recently started using an Avon serum and have been absolutely loving it but after getting this in my box I've been converted to using this in the morning. It's really lightweight and doesn't make my skin oily like the Avon one does. I can't comment on whether it helps the wrinkles as I don't really have any. It definitely leaves my skin with a healthy glow though. I use my Avon one at night as I don't mind my skin being a little oily when I wake up and then I use this once I've cleaned my face in the morning and it has my skin feeling amazing all day. I would 100% repurchase this! 

Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow - Vanilla Frosting

I absolutely love this! I have never tried mineral eyeshadow before but its lush. It's much harder to apply than regular eyeshadow as it does go everywhere if you aren't careful. I read online that if you wet the brush it makes it easier to apply so I will be trying this next time I use it. The eyeshadow itself is a beautiful glittery white colour so it makes a lovely base for a natural look.

Doucce Punk Volumizer Mascara

I wasn't very keen on this mascara, it didn't really seem to do as much as my everyday mascara does and I definitely wouldn't pay £18 for this. I pay between £5 and £10 for my mascaras and £18 for my Benefit primer but the primer is amazing so it's worth the money. I like my mascara to really make my lashes pop and this just didn't.

Spectrum Collections Marbleous Tulip Eye Contour Brush

I normally use Real Techniques but I think I'm definitely going to be getting more of these. They are such good brushes and they look so pretty, they also match my bedroom perfectly again so I want to get more so I can display them. They do exactly what a brush needs to do.

If you would like to try Birchbox use this link and get £5 off your first box! I would highly recommend them! I'm so happy to be back blogging, see you next week! Much love as always!


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