Tuesday, 30 May 2017

My May Favourites

So it's that time of the month where I let you all know what I have been loving! I've got into the routine of uploading a favourites post every other month and I like how that's working. There is a bit of an Avon theme in this favourites post so I'll do my best to link everything below.

The room spritzes we do are my favourite things to buy, I think I own every single scent. This one is my new favourite though. It is so fresh and summery, not too fruity either which is nice. I love the smell of grapefruit so this is the perfect scent for me. I use these all around the house as an air freshener and sometimes give myself a little spray if it's been a long day!

If you've never heard of this before you're probably thinking what on earth is this woman on?! Why is this in her favourites video?! Tiger Balm is used to relieve muscle and joint pains. My dad has used this to help his arthritis for years and I've always turned to it if I am achy. Starting my new job has really taken its toll on my muscles, I'm operating heavy machinery, changing and moving cages full off stuff so I have found myself using Tiger Balm a lot to relieve my muscles from this. It works an absolute treat and is so cheap to buy!

I've always been a soap and warm water face washer but when we bought this out I had to try it, I use the micellar water from the same range and absolutely love that. I adore this face wash, it is so gentle on the skin, it's perfect for my skin type and it leaves my face feeling amazing. I also got this in my eye last night and it didn't sting one bit which soap does. I definitely will be trying more products from this range.

Zoella Beauty - Wonder Hand

This was the first Zoella Beauty product I purchased and I have continued to do so since then. This is the best hand cream I have ever used. It's SO good. I work in about 1 - 2 °C conditions at work so my hands get so dry and I am always reaching for the hand sanitiser machines which also dries them out. This has been an absolute godsend, I slather my hands in it before I start, on my lunch break and when I finish and it is keeping my hands silky smooth.

If you read my May Birchbox review you will have seen me mention this. I have always used face creams but they weren't really working or helping my combination skin so I started to use this serum. It's lightweight so settles into my skin so quick unlike a cream that can be quite heavy and cakey. This does make my skin a little oily but I would rather that than it super dry like it has been.  

If you live in England you will know the last few weeks we have had some crazy hot weather. I love being out in the sun getting a tan but I am so cautious, I'm always covered in sun cream so I don't burn and I protect my skin. I have been using both factor 30 and 15 in different places. This doesn't make you sticky at all and it has an ingredient in it that helps you tan. This is my go to suncream I love it!

Stephanie Rainey

 As you all know I love discovering new music so I like sharing an artist with you I have been loving.  I have been listening to Stephanie Rainey for a little while now but this month especially. Her voice is so captivating and beautiful. I highly recommend checking her out!

I have been following Grace for about 2 years now and I have always loved her but this month she really deserves a special shout out. This woman is everything I look up to. She is all for empowering women and fighting the stigma surrounding mental health. A wonderful, gorgeous lady and a true inspiration for me. Her blog is also absolute goals so be sure to check her out!

That's it for my May favourites, be sure to let me know what you have been loving this month! So much love as always!


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