Tuesday, 6 June 2017

5 pairs of shoes you need in your wardrobe

So yesterday one of my favourite girls Melissa put up a post with 50 blog post ideas in it. I love these posts as they always give me inspiration, I loved the idea of showing you my go to shoes that you all need in your wardrobes. I am no fashion expert but I thought this might be quite fun and it is showing you one of my favourite things, shoes! 
Side note, I haven't cleaned any of these as I wanted you to see them in all their dirty glory, haha!

Sandals - Topshop

I have had these shoes for probably 8 years and they see me through every summer. They are a plastic material much like jelly shoes, this is probably why I love them so much. The inner 90's baby is screaming. They are so comfortable and because they are black and very plain they go with literally anything. 

Wellies - Fat Face

As you can see I use these a lot, living in rainy England they are definitely an essential. I don't really like calf height wellies but these are perfect as they sit just above the ankle so keep your feet warm and dry. I bought these in Ely a few years ago and they are probably my most worn pair of shoes. They are super comfy and can be paired with pretty much any outfit.


I have owned Converse since I was about 12, my Grandparents bought me my first pair of all black high tops and I wore them until the sole literally fell off. Converse are shoes that everyone needs to have a pair of in their wardrobe, they literally go with anything. I own 5 pairs I think and I adore all of them.

Puma Suedes

Now I am not a trainer girl in any way really but these are the shoes I wear to work and put on once I have finished. I wear steel toe capped boots for work so my feet are in agony after an 8-hour shift and these are like walking on clouds. They can be quite pricey but I picked mine up for about £30 from Sports Direct. I definitely recommend these if you are looking for a mega comfy pair of shoes.

Ballet Loafers 

So you may have seen these in my Huge Avon Haul. I said then that I had been looking for a nice pair of brown loafers that weren't really old fashioned and these have definitely ticked that box. I wear these out recruiting with Avon a lot as they look really smart and definitely have the ability to be dressed up or dressed down. They are also sole sensation so are really cushiony and comfy. I love them.

Hopefully, this post has given you some shoe-spiration and you enjoyed reading it. Huge thank you to Melissa again for giving me post inspiration, be sure to check out her blog it is linked at the top. I'll be back on Thursday with a new Theatre Thursdays. Much love as always!


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