Tuesday, 27 June 2017

I'm Going To Be An Auntie!

So this may seem a little odd to announce that I am going to be an Auntie, but I thought it would be something nice to share with you all and there are probably going to be a fair few more posts about Baby as I am so excited. Friends and Family know already as our little Princess shall be joining us on the 14th September. 

My brother and his girlfriend have asked me to be there when little one is born and I honestly could not be more honoured. I am also crapping myself a little bit as I may know a fair amount about babies and giving birth but being there when it happens is a whole other kettle of fish but I am excited none the less. 

I went to see the Midwife with Tia a few weeks back and heard the baby's heartbeat and cried, it was honestly one of the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard. Buying clothes for her has been wonderful too and seeing so many people wanting to help them, it really does restore your faith in humanity. 

We also welcomed another baby into our family about a week ago, our gorgeous boy Sooty. He is the cutest little fluff ball I have seen. He loves boxes and curling up on my brushed cotton bed sheets and going absolutely mental at midnight when everyone is going to bed. He also loves attacking your feet, especially when your toes are painted the same colour as his favourite ball, huge fail on my behalf! After losing our cat back in August he really has filled the hole she left. 

Hope you enjoyed this little update post. Let me know if there is anything baby or kitten related you want to see! Much love as always!


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