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Theatre Thursdays - College/School productions I was involved in

Welcome back to Theatre Thursdays. In today's post I am going to tell you all about most of the productions I was involved in during school and college, I say most because some of them were when I was like 5 and some were our own productions we had to make during my A-Levels. I was going to do a post about all of the productions I have been involved in but it would be such a big post I decided to split it into two posts, so nexts weeks post will be about the shows I have been involved in outside of school and college. Some of these are on the stage, some behind the scenes. I am going to try my best to give dates of these and put them in chronological order but they may get a little mixed up.

  • Grease March 2010 - I have obviously performed prior to this but this production has played a major part in my love for technical theatre. I did originally want to be in this production as Grease is one of my favourite musicals ever but I chickened out so I became a techie instead, this was my first proper techie experience. I had the vital role of operating a spotlight, whilst stood on 10ft high scaffholding. I learnt how to operate a spotlight, how to make cool effects with a disco ball which my drama teacher was very impressed with, I also learnt that I have a bit of vertigo and I shouldn't look down when stood on 10ft high scaffholding. I owe a lot to this production and everyone involved as I really don't think I would have become so involved in the arts or have had the opportunities I have had if it hadn't have been for this.

  • Hartshill summer concert 2010 - My first solo on stage in high school. I found out about this solo 3 days prior to doing it as my amazing music teacher knew I would back out if I had time to think about it. I performed Play the Game by Queen, I didn't know the song when Foxy told me I was performing it, I'd heard it before but not enough to know it well, so it was a solid 3 days practicing. I messed up on stage and sang the same line twice but its okay because I carried on and no one noticed. This is another role that I will be forever grateful for, when I am questioning whether I am good enough I think back to this and remember if I wasn't good enough Mr Fox wouldn't have put me on the stage. I also learnt that as long as you carry on and keep smiling even if you mess up it will be fine and no one will realise.

  • Hartshill Christmas Concert 2010 - This is probably the hardest solo I have ever performed. I had raging tonisllitis and a hacking cough and it was Mr Fox's last concert before he left so I was so bloomin upset. I can just remember on the day I kept thinking I can't do it, I've literally got no voice how am I going to sing. I'm going to cry because Foxy is leaving and its all just going to go tits up. Miss Soden kept me dosed up on water and beechams and I was steaming where possible. I made sure I was able to stand near the piano so I could have the lyrics to Silent Night there so I didn't mess up again, it is amazing how your brain goes blank in the moment stage fright kicks in. I didn't need them in the end but it was comforting knowing they were there. 

  • AS Drama - Equus 2013 - The production I hated the most. It is literally a play about a teenage boy who wants to have sexual realtions with a horse, don't get me wrong it is an amazing play and is so well written it just was not for me. I had the joy of playing this boys mother and I also couldn't particularly stand the boy playing my son. It was just horrible. The best part about this was being able to slap 'my son' across the face during an argument, in rehearsals I could not for the life of me bring myself to do it. On the night my cast mates were like all that anger you have felt during the last 4 months or however long we had worked on it, just channel it in to that slap so the time came and I whalloped him across the face and then felt absolutely terrible afterwards. 

  • AS Performing Arts - Shakers - Probably my favourite role I have had to date. Adele was such a relatable character and the girls that I worked with were amazing. We had such a laugh during rehearsals and while we were on the stage, it really did make us forget we were in an exam. I would love to play this role again. 

  • A-Level Performing Arts - 4:48 Psychosis - 4:48 is my favourite play, hands down. It has such a sad story but is written in the most beautiful way. It is such a vague script that you can literally do anything with it. When we performed this we decided to add a lot of physical theatre and try and use as little script as possible, we used a lot of sound effects, videography and prop use to really put the script across in a non verbal way. This will always hold such a special place in my heart as it was my final performance before I left college. 

I also did a lot of tech work during my time at college. I did a lot of the sound and lighting for other groups performances. When I was in my final year at college I mentored the AS students and guided them through their performance of 4:48 and then did the lighting for their actual exam which was lovely. I was able to have a proper vision for what kind of lighting would work best for their piece. I really do love technical theatre and want to throw myself back into it. 

Thank you for reading this mammoth post, I am so glad I split it into two otherwise I would have been writing and you reading, forever! Let me know if you are liking these theatre posts, I might carry them on after June as there is a lot I would like to speak about. See you next Tuesday for my June birchbox review and Thursday for a post about productions I have been involved in outside of education. Much love as always!


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