Thursday, 1 June 2017

Theatre Thursdays - An Introductory Post

So as a lot of you know I am a huge theatre lover. Going to watch shows, performing in shows and helping backstage at shows. This month is quite an exciting month as I am involved in NPRS' The Really Big Show so I have decided to dedicate every Thursday in June to the theatre! I know this post has gone up at almost midnight but it still is Thursday so it still counts, I thought it was Wednesday until I got to work this afternoon and realised, how am I a fully functioning adult?! 

I am so so excited for The Really Big Show, it is going to be amazing! I am a backstage hand this time round but I can't wait to be back on the stage. So much hard work has gone into this show, if you're from the Midlands area it definitely is not one to miss! 

I hope you're as excited for this series as I am, I could talk about Theatre and Performing Arts for days. Much love as always!


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