Monday, 31 July 2017

July Birchbox Review

It's that time of the month where I review my Birchbox. This is also going to be my last review as I have cancelled my subscription, I have 4 Birchboxes that have all been very similar and then you see people on the page that have had a Tangle Teezer, Lord & Berry concealer and a POP Beauty eyeshadow palette, it makes it difficult to keep paying almost £15 for something. 

I love Benefit products but I am not impressed with this product at all, I used it on my lips and it only made a difference almost inside my lip and even then it was hardly anything. I ended up covering it up with another lipstick as it looked so silly. This product is £25.50 normally and I would not pay that for it. 

A hair mask for dry hair sent to someone who has oily hair, another reason I am cancelling, my profile wasn't taken into account at all. The mask is meant to dry instantly but was still a bit damp when I woke up the next morning. I ended up leaving the mask on for almost 24 hours as my water was off when I went to wash it out, you couldn't tell I had it on though as it had finally dried by the time I went to work. It didn't make my hair feel any better than normal conditioner does though and it did go greasy a lot quicker. The product does smell amazing though so that is a bonus. 

My least favourite product in this box. It smells like them yellow flowers that smell a bit cat pissy, not nice to be rubbing around your face. It really didn't help to remove my makeup and I had to scrub at my face to get it off, I'll be sticking to my normal Micellar Water and throwing this one in the bin. 

I was a little sceptical about using this at first as it does smell a bit herby and I didn't really want to smell like I had been rolling around in Rosemary. I was pleasantly surprised when I did use it though, it's not as pungent as it is when you sniff the can. It is definitely one of those shower gels that makes you feel super clean and refreshed. This would be perfect to use if you have been out in the sun all day. 

I don't have a photo of this as I threw the packet in the bin without thinking. Hands down, the best face mask I have EVER used. It is pricey but for sure I will be buying this again. My face has never felt so clean and soft, even the next night after having a full face of makeup on. If you want to treat yourself, get this. You will not regret it. There a few masks in the range to suit different skin types and this one suited mine perfectly. 

Overall, not a great box, having only 2 products that I really liked and only one of those I can use again. Let me know any suggestions for new subscription boxes to try as I know I am going to miss having a little treat every month. Much love as always!


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