Thursday, 13 July 2017

July Primark Haul

As you've probably seen I took a few weeks off blogging, I've been having a rough time with my anxiety and I just lost a lot of motivation with it. I'm back, with a fresh mind and lots of new posts planned! Also, I am thinking of changing my upload time to 8pm so it works better with my job. I thought as this is my first post back after some time off what better thing to come back with than a Primark haul?! 

Pink Gingham Peplum Top - £3, should have been £8
I am really loving the gingham scene at the minute but a lot of it seems to be in red and that is probably the most unflattering colour on me so when I saw this in bright pink I had to get it. This is definitely my favourite thing that I bought, I love that it is sleeveless and high neck, I wasn't too sure about that at first as I was worried it would be tight and that really freaks me out but it's actually quite loose and looks super cute! I am going to get so much wear out of this.

Mickey and Minnie Shorts - £4
These are just plain black cotton shorts with Mickey on one thigh and Minnie on the other, my Disney heart couldn't say no. I bloody love them!

Disney Princess Shorts - £4
These are exactly the same as the Mickey ones but have the princesses on them and say Rule the Castle. They are also a little bit shorter than the others.

Basic slouchy tees - £2 each
I have so many of these in black and absolutely love them, they are an essential so I decided to pick up a grey one and an aqua one. For £2 you cannot complain even if they only last a few months and then go in the bin. They are super lightweight as well so a perfect for the summer but they aren't see through.

Slogan Tee - £3, should have been £6
The sale rails in Primark are my favourites because that is where you pick up little gems like this. I love oversized tops like this, they are so perfect for lounging about or wearing to rehearsals. This one has a slit either side too which is cute.

Slogan Tee - £1
This was another sale rail bargain. I think I love it so much because it's grey with so many bright colours on it, it's just perfect for summer.

Maxi Dress - £5, should have been £13
I absolutely adore this, it's the softest, floatiest jersey material and is so flattering. It was on sale on the beach cover up rail but I will wear this as a normal dress and it will be fine. It has this beautiful navy blue patterning down the middle and around the hem. 

Mermaid Slogan Vest - £2, should have been £5
Sissy and I both got this as it was super cute and we wanted to match. This is also from the swimwear section but it's a cotton material so will work as a normal vest. It also has the most beautiful braided hems around the arms. 

Clam Shell Bikini - £2, should have been £6
I am not a bikini wearer at all but this is 100% will be wearing. It is the cutest bikini I have ever seen. I love that it is white and aqua and also halterneck so no annoying strap lines.

Bralette - £1, should have been £4
I am obsessed with bralettes at the minute, they are so pretty and comfy. I really dislike wearing normal bras. I got this one and a plain white one and adore them.

Sunglasses - £3
I have been looking for a nice pair of sunglasses in this style for such a long time so when I saw these I knew I simply needed them. I love that they are light pink with rose gold hardware. They are lush.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got from Primark. Primark Haul videos and posts are my absolute favourites so I love doing them myself. Much love as always!


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