Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Wilde Like Me Book Review

First off, apologies for being a day late with this post. If you follow me on twitter you will have seen that my Amazon account got hacked so yesterday morning was stressful, anxiety riddled hell trying to get it sorted. Please make sure you all check your Amazon accounts as this has been a problem for the last few weeks and Amazon aren't really being much help. Less of the serious stuff, onto what you're here to read!

So as a lot of you know, my favourite YouTuber is Louise Pentland. When she announced she was writing a book, I was all over the pre-order, not just because she's my fave but she is also a fabulous author and I love her writing style! I had the highest of expectations for Wilde Like Me and I have to say it met every single one. This isn't just me saying that because I love her if it was naff I would be honest and say it was naff. A spades a spade at the end of the day and I'm not going to try a sugar coat it. 

A Synopsis 

Wildle Like Me is set around a badass single mom called Robin Wilde. We follow her through her journey with her career, her dating life and how she handles being a single mother to Lyla. We see the reality of how hard it is juggling all three. How life can be hard and everyone has their dark times but how these can be overcome if you are surrounded by supportive friends and family. 

My thoughts 

First of all, I just want to give props to Louise for portraying Cambridge, where Robin and her family live, perfectly. As a lot of you know, I have just moved back home from Cambridge and it truly holds such a special place in my heart and that made this book that little bit more precious for me. I did have a little cry about missing long walks along the River Cam while I was reading it though. 

Another thing I loved is how real it is. Robin has a few mommy disasters and I am not a mother but I sure have experienced a few of those with my younger siblings and the children I babysit. She also has a few dating disasters and I've had my fair share of those too. It was just so relatable and really had you re-living your own experiences. 

The book itself is so beautifully written, I am such a fan of Louise's writing style. I don't think many books have made me actually laugh out loud but this one did, a lot. It really drew on every emotion you could imagine, I cried, I laughed, I got angry and excited. 
My favourite character in the book is Lacey, Robin's best friend. Every girl needs a Lacey in their life. Someone who will support you through everything but ground you and remind you when you're being a prat. I love that Lacey has her own story throughout the book and you can follow her journey too, I hope to see a lot more of her in the next book. 

Overall, Wilde Like Me is a fabulous, reality driven book that I one hundred percent recommend checking out if you haven't already. I'll leave a link here, it's currently £4.99 on Amazon so a perfect time to grab it.

Let me know what you thought of Wilde Like Me in the comments if you have read it. Much love as always.



  1. I love Louise and di have a bit of a lol at this book, it was very funny! However, I thought some of the characters lacked a bit of depth and I just found Theo downright creepy!

    1. Definitely, I can't wait for book two so we can really delve into the characters we don't know lots about! Yeah, Theo was awful! Reminded me of my ex, haha!


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