Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Meeting My Best Friends...

You've definitely heard me talk about my blogging group chat and every tag post I do my blogging girls are the ones I tag. Well, last weekend we finally met up. I literally met a bunch of strangers 70 miles away from home, 2 of them weren't strangers at all, they're my childhood best friends. It didn't feel like I was meeting 4 strangers though, we all got added to the group chat in March and it started out as a blogging support network and it very quickly turned into a place where I could tell my deepest darkest secrets. These ladies became my best friends, strangers or not. 

Myself, Katie and Lauren were the last ones to get to Laura's as Lauren flew in so we picked her up from the airport then drove there. I was really worried that because we were the last ones to turn up it would be super awkward because everyone else had got to know each other but turns out we are basically the same online as we are off. Laura had made up little goodie bags for us all with some pampering bits, cocktails, Melissa had bought us personalised wine glasses and I bought a lipstick and mascara for everyone. We also had custom 'Soul Sisters' t-shirts made with our nicknames on the front and a personalised Snapchat geo-filter.

Saturday morning with us all getting ready to go out was the highlight of the weekend for me, you can probably imagine it, a room full of bloggers with enough make-up to stock a Debenhams make-up section. It was absolute carnage, but we had such a laugh and all found new products we need to purchase. For me that was the Anastasia Glow Kit - Sweets, it is absolutely amazing! 

We headed into town, did a little shopping and then found this super cute garden which was every blogger's dream, there were probably 1000+ photos taken collectively. Some were gorgeous posed photos, others were caught in the moment candid shots and then the rest were downright rank caught mid-speech ones that had us in tears when we were looking back over them. I am so glad we took so many because I am a hoarder of photos, I love having them to look back on. 

I never thought I would ever be sat here writing a post about meeting these girls because in reality meeting your 'online' friends rarely happens. It was not easy finding a date that everyone was free and we searched for endless amounts of hotels to accommodate us all but we got there in the end and I cannot wait for the next one. These loves honestly mean so much to me, I'm so pleased and proud to call them my best friends. 

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