Wednesday, 18 October 2017

My Autumn Essentials

Autumn is well and truly upon us. It's getting a lot colder out, all the leaves are falling off the trees and my heating is turned on. October and Autumn are definitely one of my favourites time of the year. Everything is just so colourful, the sunsets are generally more amazing than the rest of the year and I love when it gets dark early. I thought I'd share my Autumn essentials with you today.


There is nothing better than getting home from work, putting my cosiest pyjamas on, lighting a candle and settling down to watch some youtube. I am a huge candle hoarder, so I am completely spoilt for choice when it comes to picking one. I normally find myself reaching for Christmas candles as you can't really get autumnal ones. I wasn't really keen on Yankee Candle's Halloween collection last year but this year, they have brought out more autumny ones. Sugared Pumpkin Swirl is absolutely amazing. If you are looking for Halloween/Autumn candles definitely have a mooch on the Yankee website.

Pumpkins and Pumpkin Farms

Could this be any more blogger cliche? We went to pick our own pumpkins last weekend and honestly, it was my favourite thing ever. We took Ivy with us, obviously, she's too little to remember it but there are some beautiful photos for her memory box. As cliche as it is, we had such a lovely afternoon and left with a boot full of pumpkins and squashes for £12, so it worked out so much cheaper than going to Asda. If you have a pumpkin farm local, I highly recommend going. Pumpkins all round are an Autumn essential for me, real or fake. I think they look lovely when out on display, I love cooking with them and carving them is the best.

Skater Dresses and Ankle Boots

My go-to Autumnal outfit. I own tonnes of swing/skater dresses and think with a pair of tights and some Chelsea boots it looks so nice. It's quick and easy to just chuck on. You can dress it up with a nice bag and jewellery or be super casual with it. My dress and boots are from SimplyBe, my coat is from Primark and my handbag is Tabitha Webb.

My ultimate Autumn essential is Beanies Pumpkin Spice coffee. I am a huge coffee lover, I think most days are fueled by coffee. One of my favourite things is a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks but I don't have a Starbucks nearby and they are expensive. I have been on the hunt for an alternative for forever and then Beanies answered my prayers and brought out their Pumpkin Spice instant coffee. I can now make my own lattes at home, frothy milk is super easy to make in the microwave or you could get a milk frother, they are literally like £2 on eBay. At £2.50 a jar, which makes about 25 cups of coffee, it is an amazing alternative. I don't have any sugar in mine and a lot of time I drink it black so it is super low calorie, 2 per cup to be precise. If you're a fan of Pumpkin Spice Latte's but can't justify the money you spend on them, check Beanies out, you will not regret it. 

There are my Autumn Essentials. I hope you enjoyed this and maybe even have some Autumn inspiration. Let me know what your essentials are!
Much love as always,


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