Wednesday, 4 October 2017

My September Favourites

Its that time of the month again where I tell you all about what I have been loving. This month it is a little different though as the things I've been loving aren't things, they're people. 

My Best Friends

This seems like a strange thing to have been loving in a month, surely I should be loving them every month, I do but September was extra special because we all finally met up. I wrote a post, linked here, about what we got up to. Meeting my gals is something I never thought would happen, we are scattered all across the country, we all work and have super busy schedules. We had tried on numerous occasions to plan something but with a group of 7 people it is really hard to find a time to suit everyone, then we had to think about what would be cost-effective, we looked at hotels and these were extortionately priced. We finally found a date, so everyone booked it off work and we settled on going to somebody's house so we hadn't got the extra cost of accommodation. On the 15th September, we all got in cars, on trains and planes and headed to Telford to stop at Laura's. Being completely honest, I was really worried we were all going to hate each other, but meeting these girls has made me love them even more. I don't know what I did before I had them and our group chat. I really am grateful for my girls every day but in September just that little bit more.

My Gorgeous Niece

Our first full month with our little princess. I didn't think it was possible to love a little person as much as I do. I have younger cousins, who I absolutely adore but it's a completely different kind of love for Ivy. She is such a little gem. She pulls the funniest little faces and is really starting to develop a character of her own. My favourite thing to do at the minute is to stick my tongue out at her and she does it back and it really doesn't get boring, it has everyone in fits of laughter every time. She's also really starting to take in everything. She has this playmat with a piano at the end that they can kick and she absolutely loves it. She is just absolutely perfect. Also, my brother and his girlfriend are doing such an amazing job and I am so proud of them, so I guess they can have a little mention here. 

September was a lovely month all round and October has started wonderfully. I am so excited that it is finally Autumn and all the leaves are falling off the trees and its got colder so I can get my pretty swing dresses and boots out. I've got an Autumn essentials post coming on Sunday, with a product all you coffee lovers need to get your hands on! 

Much love, as always!


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