Sunday, 1 October 2017

September Primark Haul

Primark hauls are becoming way too common on my blog. I think I might have a bit of a Primark obsession! During September I went 3 times to 3 different stores, oops. I thought I'd show you a few of the bits I bought.

Harry Potter Bauble
I know Christmas decorations in September, I'm completely okay with it though, especially when they look like this. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan so when I saw this and it was the last one on the shelf I knew I had to have it. It also matches my bedroom perfectly.

Fig Blossom Candle
Another thing I have too many of, Candles. I cannot resist Primark candles, they're so cheap, look super cute and smell absolutely amazing. This is one of the nicest candles I've ever smelt and it being rose gold really was a big selling point. If you don't own any Primark candles, get yourself in there and give them a sniff.

 Baby Mittens
I originally got these for our princess for Christmas, but they were too cute to wait. They don't quite fit her yet but they will last her all through winter and keep her little hands toasty warm.

 Baby Hats
I couldn't get the mittens and not get the matching hats, especially when they have ears! Again, I got these for Christmas but with the rate she is growing she needed bigger hats now so these are perfect.

Copper Reindeer Tealight Holder
Oops, another Christmas decoration. Is this not the cutest tea light holder you have ever seen? I can't wait to use all of my Christmas Eve Yankee tealights in it. 

 LED Wire Fairy Lights
I am really loving these wire fairy lights at the minute, they can literally go anywhere because they just twist onto whatever you're putting them on. I got these in Silver as the copper ones in the Primark I was in were £4 but in another one, they were only £2.50 the same but I couldn't really justify buying two lots of fairy lights in two days.

 Marble False Nails
Are these not the most blogger things you have ever seen? I love Primark false nails, they are genuinely the best ones I have tried. I also love having white nails, but mainly in the summer so maybe these are a set that can go somewhere safe until the sun comes back.

 Harry Potter Workout Socks
Primark has seriously upped their game with their Harry Potter products. I love their workout socks because they are super soft and really cushiony. I also figured if I have super cute gym socks it may encourage me to go to the gym, here's hoping!

 Copper Tweezers and Eyelash Curlers
These definitely weren't necessary and I was definitely drawn in by the fact that they are copper but I blooming love them.

 Mermaid Silicone Makeup Sponge
I mean it isn't really a sponge if it's silicone but this is possibly the best £1 I have ever spent. I absolutely love it. I was a bit sceptical about the silicone sponges as I didn't really get how they would work. Truth is, they work exactly the same as a brush or beauty blender, you just don't have loads of wasted product. This one is also glittery and has a mermaid on it. Bonus.

 More Issues Than Vogue Notebook
I feel like every blogger and their nan has this notebook. I'm pretty sure all the girls in the group chat have it but my god I love it so I had to jump on the bandwagon. Matte Black and Copper foiling is a big winner for me. I didn't need another notebook, I've got a shelf full of them but what harm is another one going to do?

 Copper Hook Coat Hangers
Oh, look, another copper item. I swear I literally buy anything if it is metallic with the excuse that it will match my bedroom. I did need new hangers though and these were only £3 for 10 on sale. I had these awful black flimsy hangers for half of my clothes so they needed to go and now I have all decent non-slip Primark ones.

 Grey Ballet Flats
I absolutely love these ballet flats, I have them in Black, Burgundy and Pink and I thought stepping into Autumn, Grey ones would be pretty perfect. They are literally some of the comfiest shoes I own.

 Black Beanie Hats
I may have a storage box full of beanie hats but I do not own a black one. Unfortunately, the one with two pom-poms does not fit my pea-head so I am having to part ways with it. The other one is pretty big so I have to pretty much fold it in half but it still does the job. If Primark could please make beanie hats for smaller heads that would be fab.

There we have it, my September Primark Haul. I feel like this was very Autumn/Christmas orientated and that excites me so much. Autumn definitely is well under way and Christmas is just around the corner! 
So much love, as always!


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