Sunday, 3 December 2017

Blogmas Day 3 - A Gift Guide For Kids/Babies

Seeing as our family is always growing, there are always children I have to buy for. I never really see gift guides for children so thought I would show you what I have bought for our brood this year. I will link everything I can find and anything I can't I'll write where I got it from so you can have a look yourself.

I got this for my cousin, he is obsessed with star wars and it was only £5.60 in the entertainer sale. It should have been £28 so this was an amazing bargain. I'm not gonna lie I can't wait to play this with him. The inner child in me is screaming.

My other cousin loves making things and doing crafts. This is the perfect combination of Frozen and crafts. It also gives her a cute door sign to hang on her door. This was also in the entertainer sale so cost me £5 instead of £17. 

This wasn't a present, I bought this for my own entertainment. It's The Entertainer's own version of Speak Out but is a heck of a lot cheaper at £5 in the sale. I figured this on Christmas day with the whole family would be absolutely hilarious. We have played it already and it has had us in tears of laughter.

I have bought this for all of the children, simply because it is a wonderful book. I read it to Ivy the other week and she loved the bright colours and the silly voices I was using for the dogs. I don't say this because I love the SacconeJolys but honestly, it would make the perfect present for any little ones in your life.

I got this for my youngest cousin. It is our first Christmas with him so I wanted to properly treat him. I got this on the Black Friday sale so didn't pay full price for it but even at £13, it is a steal. It is a fab set. I was amazed by how good it was. I love that it is wooden as it is a lot easier to clean and doesn't go horrible over time like plastic does.

Miffy Rattle

I picked this up for Ivy in Home Bargains. I loved Miffy as a kid so when I saw this I had to get it for her. She also kept smiling at it, so that sold it to me. 

Baby's 1st Christmas Blanket 

Another Home Bargains purchase, it was too snuggly and soft to leave. I think Baby's First Christmas items are really special keepsakes as well so we generally buy most things we see that are. This is also one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

I didn't get this from Argos as it was out of stock but it is back in now. It is a singing light up Owl and Ivy already loves it. I couldn't treat her for Christmas and not get her an Owl. I love Fisher-Price toys as they are so well made and amazing quality. They are frequently on the Argos offers so its worth keeping an eye out.

Stacking Rings

Ivy has grasped holding things recently so I know these are going to go down a treat. They are perfect for holding now and chewing and then as she gets a little bit older she can stack them. I know all of the kids have had things like this and loved them so this was an absolute must! This was from Home Bargains.

There is my gift guide for babies and children. If you have little ones in your life let me know what you are getting them for Christmas. 

Only 22 sleeps to go!


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  1. I love this post, I haven't seen one like this before so that I love that you've done it!

    I love that you've included a range of different things too!

    Love, Melissa x


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