Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Blogmas Day 5 - My Favourite Blogmas Bloggers

Tonight's post is a bit of a promo for all of the bloggers I have been loving so far this month. Be sure to check out their fabulous blogs and show them some love! (Sidenote, most of the bloggers in this post are my favourite girls but I am just so proud of them).
I have followed Chloe on Instagram for a little while now and adore watching her Instastories. Her blog is so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. My favourite recent post of hers has to be this one, I am amazed by people who do 'No Spend Months' as I really would not be able to do it. Give Chloe a follow on Instagram (and Twitter) to see her fab Instastories: chloealr

My absolute queen and soul sister. Melissa's blog never fails to amaze me. I may be biased because she is one of my best friends but if I can't brag about her who can I? My favourite post so far this month of hers was her Turning Twenty post. She is so brave for writing about what she did and I am so unbelievably proud of her. 

Another soul sister of mine and I am going to try and not be super soppy here but I am so proud of Katie. Life really has thrown some crap her way this year but she is still fighting strong and still took on the immense task of Blogmas. Serious props to her. It was so hard to choose a favourite post because I love them all but this one was just so relatable. It definitely is what I am thinking when I am asked what I want for Christmas.

Quite possibly, the most photogenic blogger you will ever see. She cannot take a bad photo. I love the way Lauren is just so honest in her writing. Her Blogger Gift Guide really amused me but also gave me so many gift ideas. You need to check out her blog, just to see the snow and Santa's sleigh. 

Bettie isn't doing Blogmas but she is posting more often in December and I couldn't be happier. I love all of Bettie's posts. She is so raw and honest, no fakeness at all. My favourite post of hers was this one where she showed her Christmas Tree. I love seeing people's Christmas decorations as I am super nosey. 

Let me know who you have been loving so far this Blogmas. 

Only 20 sleeps to go!



  1. Thank you for your lovely words Jess! Glad someone is watching my ramblings on insta!

  2. Oh jess, this made me so so happy! Legit felt all warm and happy reading this! I can't thank you enough for the absolute amazing things you said about me! I love you so much girl! 💛


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