Monday, 2 July 2018

More Self Love

So if you didn't already know me and the boy I spoke about in a post a little bit back broke up. I'm not getting into that simply because it was a very amicable break up and I wouldn't want him thinking I'm trying to drag him down. Something that has come from the break up is some serious self love and realisation of what I deserve, and not the sexual kind of self love for all you filthy minded buggers! I feel that loving yourself is something that can be looked down on and people can view it as quite egotistical but honestly I think we need to be shouting about loving yourself from the rooftops. 

I went out a few weeks ago to the theatre and I really dolled myself up, put on a dress that showed off my arms, legs and a little bit of cleavage, chucked my wedges on and honestly I felt amazing. This was such a big step for me, I don't mind getting my legs out but my arms and boobs are something I've always felt so self conscious about so they used to always be hidden away. I said a big stuff it this night and got them out, pushed those self conscious thoughts to the back of my mind and embraced it. 

I'm not ashamed to sit here and say that I think I looked good or I loved how I looked. I really had so much confidence and I think that completely shined through. It does upset me a little bit that there is such a stigma around loving yourself or feeling confident. I didn't hurt or offend anyone because I felt good. There is nothing wrong with loving yourself and that is something I am going to preach. I've spent so much of my life hiding away and not loving myself, wearing tights on the beach or a cardi or jumper all summer because I was scared people would be offended. I sure as hell am going to embrace this newfound love for myself. 

Going hand in hand with this self love is realising what I deserve. I am an amazing person who deserves 110% from anyone who wants to be in my life, the same as I give 110% to everyone around me. Don't ever settle for any less, remember your worth. Remember you are an amazing, beautiful person and do not let anyone try to tell you that you aren't. 

That's all for now my loves but I will be back soon, I'm thinking of doing some posts with my dating tips, bad date experiences and the best chat up lines I've been hit with on tinder!

So much love as always, 


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